LUSA 07/10/2024

Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 9 July

Lisbon, July 9, 2024 (Lusa) - Portugal's leading newspapers on Tuesday offer headlines on the first (and probably last) television interview given by the attorney general, a controversial figure after a statement issued by her office last November prompted a prime minister's resignation.



- "Portugal leaves 317 million [euros] of the defence budget unspent every year" 

- "Justice. Lucília Gago [attorney general] implicates minister in 'orchestrated campaign' against MP" 

- "War in Europe. Russia hits children's hospital in attacks across Ukraine" 

- "Cultural assets. Coimbra creates group to decolonise heritage" 

- "Interview. It will be 'disastrous' for the country to halt the decentralisation of agriculture" 

- "Education. Maths returns to positive terrain in 9th grade tests" 

- "New status. Diplomats can only become ambassadors if they go through difficult posts" 

- "Football. Beautiful Spain against the cynicism of France in the Euro final" 

- "Ariane 6. Europe's new ride into space is finally taking off" 

- "Legislative elections. A relieved France faces the unprecedented challenge of forming a coalition government"


Correio da Manhã:

- "Doctor punished for mistake in young man's death. João Fernandes was 16"

- "In the heart of Kyiv. Russian attack on children's hospital"

- "Lucília Gago: 'I don't feel responsible for [former PM António] Costa's resignation'"

- "Water shortages. Drought in the Algarve and Alentejo"

- "Porto. Woman shot dead in shop"

- "Domestic violence. Victim's parents demand maximum sentence for ex-wife's killer"

- "Portuguese criminal. Kills 'gay' and is on the most wanted list"

- "Market. Benfica try to sell jewels to keep João Félix"

- "Sporting. Milan fans want to take Gyokeres"

- "FC Porto. Diogo Costa offered to Real Madrid"


Jornal de Notícias:

- "Recovery in women's wages halted after nine years" 

- "Ukraine. Dozens killed in Russian attack on children's hospital" 

- "Porto. Shot dead with a shotgun inside a shop in Paranhos" 

- "France. Macron opts to postpone government solution" 

- "Paulo Fonseca. A [football] coach's epic journey from Paços de Ferreira to Milan" 

- "FC Porto. Jorge Mendes [top football agent] presents Diogo Costa to Real Madrid" 

- "Doctors from the NHS, private and social sectors should be managed together" 

- "Education. Placement of teachers to go ahead by the end of the week" 

- "Porto. Mobile drug consumption room at risk of not starting" 

- "Lucília Gago: 'I don't consider myself responsible for Costa's resignation'"


Diário de Notícias: 

- "Housing. The PRR's 3.2 billion [euros] has already been used up, but there are still 27,000 more homes to be approved" 

- "War. Russia attacks several Ukrainian cities on the eve of the NATO summit" 

- "France. Macron tempted to wait for the dust to settle" 

- "Federal Police. Director confirms investigation against Brazilian criminal groups in Portugal" 

- "Appeal. Paulo de Morais acquitted of defaming Salgado's daughter-in-law" 

- "'Ranking'. Delays place Lisbon airport among the worst in the world" 

- "Cinema: 'Sunny': from Kyoto with love, loneliness and 'robots'" 

- "Teresa Pina, political scientist. Migrations. 'The Ukrainian exception should be the rule'" 

- "Olympic Games. Marcelo wants athletes to promote peace and Portugal" 


Jornal i: 

- "indispensable" 

- "German church takes part in Cologne gay parade" 

- "Álvaro Covões, head of 'Nos Alive' festival: 'We don't live in a dictatorship, but in culture they want to impose one on us'" 



- "Government goes against IGF [Inspectorate General of Finance] on new SIFIDE [Tax Incentive System for Business R&D] rules" 

- "EU admits more debt to strengthen defence" 

- "Political uncertainty in France agitates markets and threatens the euro" 

- "Stellantis subsidiary has plans for double-digit growth by 2030" 

- "Elisa Ferreira [EU commissioner for cohesion and reforms] argues for Iberian alliance for cutting-edge industries" 

- "Africa Radar. Will Angola explore rare earths?" 

- "Charging. Zunder accelerates its network of electric charging stations" 


Jornal Económico: 

- "BCP executes Elevo Group for debts of six million" 

- "Markets await clarification in France after Popular Front victory" 

- "Most [Madeira] Free Trade Zone companies are 'insolvent or unable' to return legal aid" 

- "Hugo Santos Ferreira, head of the Association of Property Developers and Investors (APPII). RNH [Non-Habitual Residents] regime: Property developers want to 'put together an attractive programme' with the government" 

- "Top of the Agenda: Powell's speech and housing costs" 

- "German exports at five-month lows" 

- "MP [Public Prosecution Service] magistrates send petition to [president] Marcelo [Rebelo de Sousa] against idea [that there is] persecution of politicians"