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Daily News
SANA - 31 new investors in Hassia Industrial City
Homs, SANA- 31 new investors have started their projects in Hassia industrial City during the first half of this year,...
NNA - إفتتاح معرض ل10 فوتوغرافيين موهوبين في ART DISTRICT GALLERY الجميزة الثلثاء
وطنية - تفتتح Art District Gallery، الخامسة من بعد ظهر الثلثاء المقبل، في مقرها في الجميزة، معرضها التصويري الأول، بعنوان: "Up and Coming talented Photographers"، ومشاركة 10 مصورين موهوبين، وهم:...
NNA - The Ministry of Public Health: 1865 new corona cases, 2 deaths
NNA - The Ministry of Public Health announced, on Sunday, the registration of 1865 new corona virus infections,...
NNA - نشاط بيئي رياضي إنمائي 'كسروان' في شبروح فاريا
وطنية تظم جمعية طلكسروانط برئاسة النائبة ندى البستاني خوري، وبرعاية وزارتي الطاقة والمياه والسياحة، نشاطا بيئيا رياضيا إنمائيا، بعنوان Extreme Enenrgy Second Edition،في منطقة سد شبروح فاريا بين 12و14 الحالي....
NNA - وزارة الصحة:1865 إصابة جديدة و حالتا وفاة
وطنية - أعلنت وزارة الصحة العامة في تقريرها اليومي تسجيل 1865 إصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا رفعت العدد التراكمي للحالات المثبتة الى 1186920، كما تم تسجيل حالتي وفاة....
NNA - معمل الحرير في القبيات إستضاف فيلم MYSTÈRE الفرنسي
وطنية-إستضاف معمل الحرير التراثي في بلدة القبيات، بتنظيم من الصالون الثقافي ومن مجلس البيئة، فيلم Mystère للمخرج Denis Imbert، الذي أنتج سنة 2021 ولم يعرض حتى الآن في صالات السينما...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top newspaper, news magazine headlines on Thursday 4 August

Lisbon, Aug.4,2022(Lusa)– China’s reaction to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and 100 obstetrics interns in Portugal’s national health service hospitals ask for a waiver of responsibility due to the number of overtime hours they have to do are the most frequent headlines this Thursday morning.

- "Alentejo. Guide to the 100 best places".
- Ex-MP Ricardo Rodrigues accused of prevarication and abuse of power"
- "Presidency of the Republic suspected of favouritism"

- "What is writing in good Portuguese?"
- "Investigation: the hidden owner of the country's largest fenced estate"
- Anne Applebaum: 'Putin has no problem starving millions'"
- "Oil companies: New taxes in the pipeline for big profits"
- "Science: The race to revive mammoths"

Correio da Manhã:
- "Paedophilia suspect hiding from justice"
- "Church announces the removal of the priest but does not communicate to the PJ police"
- "Vila Pouca de Aguiar wants to know the truth"
- "Coach Schmidt vetoes exit of super-Ramos from Benfica"
- "Technicians want to ensure Champions League success for Benfica"
- "Europe's largest nuclear power plant out of control [Ukraine alert]"
- "Teachers call for pay rises"
- "Little Archie loses new battle"

- "Severance charges penalise services most affected by pandemic"
- "Taiwan: China rehearses military operation 'for reunification' after Pelosi visit"
- "Government agrees to take on more expenses with Pope's visit in 2023"
- "Health: Expenditure on medicines grows worse for the state and families"
- "Debt: ECB protects Portugal with new purchases of 1,370 million"
- "Transplants: Scientists recover organ functions in dead pigs"
- "Museums: Cascais is negotiating to bring four Paula Rego paintings into the Casa das Histórias"
- "Special series: Indigenous peoples and the formation of colonial society in the 200 years of Brazil's independence"

Jornal de Notícias:
- "Local councils already starting cuts in water supply at night"
- "Gerês: Viewing spots get security""
- " Emergency Services: A hundred intern doctors put pressure on health minister"
- "Houses: Tenants would rather be landlords if they had money"
- "Taiwan: China holds real fire drills after Pelosi visit"
- "Volta a Portugal cycling race: Phantom of doping causes two more casualties"
- "Gondomar: Hotel developer gave the council land that wasn't hers"
- "Famalicão: PJ police identify two suspects for death of young man outside nightclub"

Diário de Notícias:
- "Court of Auditors warns of vacancies in university courses with higher unemployment"
- "Crisis: Scholz admits to continuing with nuclear, France warns of gas cuts"
- "Covid: Parish councils expect to be reimbursed five million euros from the 2023 state budget"
- "Transport: Lack of cars does not stop 'rent-a-car' that expects revenues of 650 million"
- "Tension: Military exercises and economic sanctions: China punishes Taiwan for Pelosi's visit"
- "One year on, space tourism is really taking off"

- "It is not known how much it costs to train each graduate in Portugal"
- "ADSE (civil service health care and protection institute) : Eugénio Rosa calls for elections and blames government for delay and 'manipulation'"
- "Mário Ferreira, the first Portuguese space tourist: Who wants to go to Space? 'In 100 years, anyone will be able to go there'"
- "China - Taiwan: A delicate balance that Pelosi may have put at risk"
- "Ukraine: Nuclear plant 'is completely out of control'"
- "A third of obstetrics interns ask for a waiver of responsibility due to the number of overtime hours they have to do"
- "Inflation tops 10% and hits 34-year high"

- "Iberian mechanism for capping maximum price for gas used to produce electricity costs averaged €115/MWh"
- "PRR (country's recovery and resilience plan, EU bazooka funds) reforms worry Strasbourg"
- "PSI (Portugal stock index) company profits rise, but inflation already worries"
- "Vale Feitoso: Former feud of Espírito Santo cost 25 million to businessman"
- "Public accounts: State budget will become greener in 2023"
- "Alexander Frech (Lidl Portugal CEO): 'We want to continue investing in the country. This year we will spend 200 million'"

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2022-08-05 09:40:00


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