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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: 'Beja airport available immediately' - communists

Beja, Portugal, July.4,2022(Lusa) - The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) said on Monday that Beja airport "meets all the conditions immediately" and should be "placed at the service of the country", given the "expected increase in tourist flow" and the "great saturation" in Lisbon and Faro.
"Beja, where the state has invested "many millions of euros", has "all the conditions in the immediate future" to be a solution, the Communists said.
In a statement, the DORBE (Direção da Organização Regional de Beja) of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) considered that the infrastructure could "immediately" help "increase freight transport capacity" and "serve as support to the air traffic to the south of the country".
Recalling the investments planned for the enlargement of the port of Sines, the DORBE stressed that "the promotion" of Beja airport should be "articulated" with "a national vision that takes advantage of EU funds".
In this sense, the communists said, the funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) should be used for "a full and rational investment in the railway network with the modernisation and electrification of the entire Alentejo line".
"With modern rolling stock", we could create "fast, efficient connections to Lisbon and the Algarve", they stressed, also proposing "the conclusion of the roads included in the National Road Plan", namely the Main Itinerary (IP) 8, as a motorway.
In the statement, the DORBE stressed that "Beja airport should be placed at the service of the country", defending, however, the "pressing and indispensable phased construction of the new airport at Alcochete Shooting Range".
The Alentejo infrastructure "has the conditions to receive large and medium-sized aircraft and transport a large part of the traffic, allowing the Alentejo to grow even more in terms of tourism and the transport of products".
For the communist organisation, using Beja airport would also be "an essential contribution to the region's development".
As for the future Lisbon airport, the DORBE pointed out that the phased construction of new infrastructure in Alcochete "is the only solution with a future".
"The investment of billions of euros in the Montijo Air Base for provisional use, as the government intends, is an inappropriate decision that postpones, once again, the construction of the airport and can only be explained by pressure from the multinational Vinci," it added.
On Thursday, the prime minister, socialist António Costa, ordered the revocation of the order that indicated the municipalities of Montijo and Alcochete as locations for the new airport solution for the Lisbon region, disavowing the minister for infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, who presented this proposal the day before.
After this situation, Minister Pedro Nuno Santos assumed "communication errors" with the government in decisions involving the future airport of the Lisbon region, stating that he "obviously" remains in office.
The prime minister expressed his confidence that the minister of infrastructures had not acted in bad faith by announcing a solution for the new airport without consulting with him and considered that political trust had been "fully restored".
The solution suggested was to go ahead with the project for a new airport in Montijo to complement Lisbon airport, to be operational by the end of 2026, with the two to close when the airport at Campo de Tiro Alcochete is completed, probably in 2035.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2022-07-05 10:40:00


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