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Daily News
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Lisbon metro running again after early morning strike
Lisbon, May.27,2022(Lusa)- The Lisbon Metro trains started running normally at 09:30 today, after a partial strike of workers between 05:00...
CNA - Investment Funds' sector significant ahead of a changing economic era, FinMin says
Cyprus should further exploit its comparative advantages rendering the investment funds sector as a bridge for attracting investments in Europe...
CNA - Cyprus and Jordan to join forces in promoting joint tourist packages, Deputy Minister for Tourism tells CNA
Cyprus and Jordan will join forces in promoting joint tourist packages, particularly from long-distance destinations, ...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Efacec announces completion of light rail project in Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark, May 27, 2022 (Lusa) - Portugal's leading engineering company, Efacec, has announced the completion of the Odense light...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: PM, Spanish counterpart stress importance on energy interconnections
Madrid, May.27,2022 (Lusa) - Portugal's prime minister,António Costa, and his counterpart in Spain have after a working meeting to prepare...
CNA - مؤتمر الجمعية البرلمانية لمنظمة الأمن والتعاون في أوروبا حول مكافحة الفساد يبدأ أعماله في نيقوسيا اليوم
يستضيف مجلس النواب القبرصي اليوم الجمعة مؤتمراً دولياً في نيقوسيا حول مكافحة الفساد ودور البرلمانات الوطنية. تم تنظيم المؤتمر الذي يحمل عنوان "مكافحة الفساد والدفاع عن الديمقراطية: دور البرلمانات الوطنية"...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Lisbon stock market opens higher; benchmark PSI up 0.01%
Lisbon, May.27,2010(Lusa)-The Lisbon stock market on Friday started the session in positive territory, with the benchmark PSI (Portugal Stock Index)...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top newspaper headlines on Friday, 27 May
Lisbon,May.27,2022(Lusa)-Portugal's leading newspapers on Friday offer headlines on the government's decision to extend the state of alert due to Covid...
Lusa - Business News - East Timor: Oil company to announce results of Buffalo-10 well

Dili, Jan.19,2022 (Lusa) - Australian oil company Carnarvon today called a halt to trading in its shares until 21 January, when it expects to announce to the market results from its exploration of the Buffalo-10 field located in East Timorese waters.
In a statement, the company explained that the suspension of trading is related to the "expected release of an announcement regarding the results of the Buffalo-10 well," where drilling began on 31 December.
The eventual exploration success could translate into a renewed exploration of the field that was shut in 2004 and is jointly owned by Carnarvon and Advance Energy.
Once in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA), covered by the temporary agreements between East Timor and Australia, the field has been in Timorese waters since the signing of the new permanent border treaty in 2019.
In production between 1999 and 2004, the Buffalo oil field was discovered by BHP Petroleum in 1996 and is located about 12 kilometres from the lucrative Laminaria field.
It was explored with a fixed platform, floating production and has produced more than 31 million barrels of crude oil.
Carnarvon Petroleum announced in June 2016 the purchase of the licence for the WA523 zone in the Timor Sea, where Buffalo is located, as it believes there is still exploration potential.
The company estimates that three producing wells could produce around 31 million barrels of oil over a five-year period.
Capital costs could be around $150 million (about €132 million), and total operating expenditure over the five years would be between $400 million and $500 million.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2022-01-20 10:20:00


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