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Daily News
NNA - Environmental meeting on the protection of high mountains
NNA-A coordination meeting was held to protect the high mountains of Lebanon, attended by Caretaker Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin,...
CNA - القبارصة يتوجهون إلى صناديق الاقتراع لانتخاب رئيس جديد الأحد انتهت الحملة الانتخابية للانتخابات الرئاسية في منتصف ليلة السبت.
هناك أربعة عشر مرشحاً على بطاقة الاقتراع، وهو رقم قياسي للانتخابات الرئاسية التي ستقام الأحد لانتخاب رئيس جديد لقبرص لفترة خمس سنوات قادمة.
وفقاً لرئيس العملية الانتخابية يحظر يومي السبت 4شباط/فبراير...
NNA - مركز سرطان الأطفال أضاء مواقع سياحية ودعا للمشاركة في تحدي اليوم العالمي للمرض
وطنية - أضاء مركز سرطان الأطفال في لبنان(CCCL) ، لمناسبة اليوم العالمي للسرطان واليوم العالمي لسرطان الأطفال، باللونين الأزرق والبرتقالي عددا من المواقع السياحية، منها متحف بيروت الوطني وصخرة الروشة،...
NNA - ورش عمل لجمعية الأرض في مختلف الأقضية
وطنية - نظمت جمعية الأرض - لبنان 15 ورشة عمل بعنوان "نحو بلديات بيئية ومستدامة" في كل الأقضية، شارك فيها 247 ممثلا عن 200 بلدية واتحاد بلديات....
NNA - بطولة العرب للناشئين في المبارزة بضيافة الاتحاد اللبناني في نادي مون لاسال
وطنية-ينظم الاتحاد اللبناني للمبارزة بطولة العرب لسنة 2023 في نادي مون لاسال عين سعادة في 3 و4 و5 شباط الجاري.
والبطولة مخصصة للفئات العمرية تحت ال12 سنة وتحت ال 14سنة...
CNA - Loan restructurings decelerate to €1.3 billion in 2022
Loan restructurings decelerated to €1,3 billion in 2022 after reaching their highest level in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic....
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top newspaper headlines on Monday, 23 January

Lisbon,Jan.23,2023(Lusa)-Portugal's leading newspapers on Monday offer headlines on a range of stories, including the election of a new party leader by the Liberal Initiative (IL), which has eight seats in parliament, and increasing prices for telecommunications.

Correio da Manhã:
- "Ex-member of government under no obligation to return millionaire compensation"
- "Alexandra Reis received 500,000 euros to leave TAP"
- Police operation "'Vortex'. Wiretaps catch references to PSD [Social Democratic Party] deputy"
- "Violence. 53 seniors victims of crime each day"
- "Al Nassr win. [Cristiano] Ronaldo blank [sheet] on Saudi debut"
- "Matosinhos. Family lives in tent on beach"
- "Ukraine. What the tanks Zelensky wants [in order] to win the war look like"
- "Beja. Alentejo mourns death in accident of psychologist next to mother"
- "Braga. Driver flees GNR [Republican National Guard] gunfire with flat tyres"
- "Sick notes. More doctors to assess pregnant teachers"

- "State still unable to hire 33 helicopters to fight fires"
- "Liberal Initiative: Rui Rocha, new leader, wants to see party reach 15%"
- "Study: Portugal assesses adults' skills for first time"
- "Interview: Rental market may offer return"
- "Electricians: There is a shortage of technicians to install smart meters"
- "Selection: Federation does not explain how it hired Roberto Martínez" as national football coach - as individual or via company
- "Climate change: Are the parasites in trouble? Pioneering study done in US indicates yes"
- "History Channel: Auschwitz objects will 'speak more and more' in a future without survivors"

Jornal de Notícias:
- "Drug used to euthanise animals bought online by those who want to die"
- "The long ordeal to adopt a child"
- "Communications: Increases as much as 84 euros in a year"
- "Health: Half of Portuguese have at least two illnesses"
- "Valongo: Ermesinde and Sobrado, opposite realities in transport"
- "Braga: City council invests 4 million [euros] to plug potholes in roads"
- "Rui Rocha challenges IL [Liberal Initiative] to take to streets against constitutional revision"
- "Supporters who insulted [Porto and Mali footballer Moussa] Marega can now return to stadiums"
- "Saudi Arabia: Ronaldo goalless and lacklustre in official game for Al Nassr"
- "Handball World Cup: Great display by national team didn't prevent exit"

Diário de Notícias:
- "Private colleges: Registrations sold out for next school year"
- "Rui Rocha: New IL leader"
- "League Cup: Arouca and Académico de Viseu challenge might of Sporting and FC Porto" in football's main knockout competition
- "Culture: ERC [media regulator] president withdraws [late vice-president, ex-journalist] Mário Mesquita's name from posthumous book"
- "Politics: Marcelo's 'victims' who left government"
- "Protests: Strike comes back to haunt PJ [criminal police]. Inspectors against overtime paid at five euros"
- "Promotion: Portugal sold abroad as cheap destination for Americans. Does it still make sense?"
- "Telecoms: Families spend 84 euros more this year with increases in communications"
- "Cybercrime: Banker issues warning about digital 'Money Mules' fundraisers"
- "John Ikenberry: 'The weakness of liberal democracies is the bigger threat to the world we want to live in than Russia or China'"

- "Capital Conversation, Mario Campolargo: 'Current citizen card starts to disappear later this year'"
- "Private investor: 'Is the Water Rabbit [current Chinese year] the charm investors need?'"
- "German offshore wind project in Viana blocked by government"
- "Fnac Portugal goes for franchise regime to exceed 40 shops"
- "German minimum salary is one that is rising most in EU"
- "Employment: Only those earning up to €600 saw income rise in 2021"
- "Greenvolt gains muscle with new US ally"


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2023-01-24 10:12:00


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