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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: New guide aims to attract visitors to Alentejo olive presses, groves

Moura, Beja, Portugal, Aug.5 2022(Lusa)– The Alentejo olive oil route will be restructured and an interactive guide launched next year to boost the sector and 'invite' tourists and consumers to visit presses and olive groves in the region, the promoters revealed on Friday.
The creation of the interactive guide and the restructuring of the Alentejo olive oil route are part of a project developed by the Centro de Estudos e Promoção do Azeite do Alentejo (CEPAAL) (centre for the study and promotion of olive oil in the Alentejo), based in Moura, in the district of Beja.
"There are many presses that already boast conditions to be visited" and the aim is to take "tourists and consumers who are interested in olive oil to the presses and olive groves throughout the Alentejo," CEPAAL president Gonçalo Morais Tristão told Lusa news agency.
In addition to helping tourists on visits to the places where olive oil is produced, the interactive guide will also provide information to CEPAAL members and all producers in the region, he said.
"The guide is a way for us to come up with a tool that has the most information possible about the sector for producers and for tourists and consumers who are interested in olive oil," he summarised.
Scheduled to be launched next year, the new interactive guide will be supported on the CEPAAL website and on a mobile phone app and will be linked to the Alentejo olive oil route, organised by this association.
"The interactive guide and its connection to the route are innovative", considered Gonçalo Morais Tristão, adding that the Alentejo route will also be restructured to cover more places in "the entire Alentejo", to be "a real route".
According to him, currently, the Alentejo olive oil route "has had some visits, not many", because it is "little known" and is territorially broad, i.e., "very much around the Moura area".
"It is essential to link olive oil production in the Alentejo to tourism, the way olive oil is made and the places where it is made", he pointed out, stressing that "the major olive oil producing countries in Europe have already had olive oil tourism for many years".
Portugal is now "taking the first steps" in the area of olive tourism and it is "very important to continue taking steps", as "everyone benefits" from the link between tourism and olive oil production, added CEPAAL's president.
Called "OLI(V)ALL-IN - About Olive Oil and Olive Groves", CEPAAL's project, which involves an investment of more than 46 thousand euros, is co-financed by EU and national funds, through the Rural Development Program (PDR2020).
In addition to the interactive guide and the restructuring of the Alentejo olive oil route, the project also includes the development of an action plan to increase the sector's competitiveness and the organisation of two editions of the national olive oil congress.
Created in 1999, CEPAAL, with 22 associated producers, as well as institutions in the sector, state bodies, municipalities and universities, is a non-profit association that aims to stimulate and promote the olive and olive oil sectors.


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2022-08-06 10:08:00


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