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Daily News
NNA - Ministry of Public Health: 130 new coronavirus infections, two deaths
NNA-Lebanon has recorded 130new Coronavirus cases and two deaths within the last 24hours,as reported by the Ministry of Public Health...
NNA - مركز الأبحاث في اللبنانية أطلق مشروع 'الانتشار الفيروسي والديناميات الاجتماعية'
وطنية - أطلق مركز أبحاث معهد العلوم الاجتماعية في الجامعة اللبنانية مشروع"الانتشار الفيروسي والديناميات الاجتماعية"، بالتعاون مع وكالة البحوث الوطنية الفرنسية ومعهد البحوث والتنمية الفرنسي، في حضور رئيس...
NNA - وزارة الصحة: 160 اصابة جديدة وحالتا وفاة
وطنية - اعلنت وزارة الصحة العامة في تقريرها اليومي تسجيل "160 اصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا رفعت العدد التراكمي للحالات المثبتة الى 1214892،كما تم تسجيل حالتي وفاة ".
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Court dismisses illegal logging appeal

Beira, Mozambique,Aug.5,2022(Lusa)- The Administrative Court in Sofala, central Mozambique, has rejected an appeal filed by Chinese company Kamal Lau Ming accused of trying to smuggle wood seized from its shipyards for illegal logging, said a document seen today by Lusa.
In a ruling, the judges of the Administrative Court said that the company did not meet the requirements for the satisfaction of its application, resulting in the rejection of the appeal.
Following the decision, the seized wood should be sold in a public auction, the court said.
"While the process is ongoing at the Provincial Prosecutor's Office, for the outcome of the sale of the wood in a public auction, the company involved must pay court costs of 50,000 meticais [€765]," the ruling also says.
The case came up last September, when complaints alerted the authorities about illegal logging by Chinese company Kamal Lau Ming for export.
Following the complaint, the National Agency for Environmental Quality Control (Aqua) and the National Institute of Economic Activities (INAE) went to the site.
According to reports from these state entities, part of the wood found in the yard was cut below the recommended diameter, which is 30 centimetres.
Figures from the ministry of land and environment said that in Mozambique, forests cover about 32 million hectares, or about 40% of the country's total area, of which 17.2 million hectares have the potential for producing wood.
The Mozambican state loses about US$200 million per year (over €195 million) due to illegal logging, according to official figures.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2022-08-06 09:57:00


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