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Daily News
NNA - Ministry of Public Health: 130 new coronavirus infections, two deaths
NNA-Lebanon has recorded 130new Coronavirus cases and two deaths within the last 24hours,as reported by the Ministry of Public Health...
NNA - مركز الأبحاث في اللبنانية أطلق مشروع 'الانتشار الفيروسي والديناميات الاجتماعية'
وطنية - أطلق مركز أبحاث معهد العلوم الاجتماعية في الجامعة اللبنانية مشروع"الانتشار الفيروسي والديناميات الاجتماعية"، بالتعاون مع وكالة البحوث الوطنية الفرنسية ومعهد البحوث والتنمية الفرنسي، في حضور رئيس...
NNA - وزارة الصحة: 160 اصابة جديدة وحالتا وفاة
وطنية - اعلنت وزارة الصحة العامة في تقريرها اليومي تسجيل "160 اصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا رفعت العدد التراكمي للحالات المثبتة الى 1214892،كما تم تسجيل حالتي وفاة ".
Lusa - Business News - Macau: Haitong bank gets green light to open local branch

Lisbon, July.20,2021(Lusa)- Haitong Bank announced today that it had received a license from the Macau government to open a branch in this Chinese autonomous region, which follows the approval granted earlier by Banco de Portugal.

"Under the executive order of the chief executive of Macau published on 19 July 2021 in the Official Bulletin of the Macau Special Administrative Region, the establishment of the Macau branch of Haitong Bank has been formally authorised," the bank announced in a statement in which it added that "this authorisation completes the approval already granted by the Banco de Portugal for the establishment of this new international unit of Haitong Bank."

Haitong Bank is part of Haitong Securities, one of China's leading investment banks and securities firms, according to data from the bank, which operates in 14 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and South America,

Haitong bank operates mainly in wealth management and investment banking, with offices in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil and now Macau.

Banco Espírito Santo Investimento (BESI) was sold in 2015 to the Chinese Haitong Group for €379 million, giving rise to Haitong Bank.

Haitong Bank last year posted profits of €1.6 million, a drop of 78.6% compared to 2019, when it made a profit of €7.5 million, according to accounts released in March.

In a statement, the bank revealed that this result "mirrors the bank's enormous resilience to the impacts caused by Covid-19, mainly due to the nature of the bank's institutional and corporate business".

Last year, Haitong achieved a total operating income of €82 million, "which shows a strong recovery from the €24 million generated in the first half of 2020," according to the same note.

Haitong also achieved an operating result of €24 million, "benefiting from the strict control of operating costs that registered a decrease of 20% to €58 million", reads the same note.



Agency : LUSA

Date : 2021-07-21 10:47:00


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