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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Digital transformation is way to make 'leap' to higher development - minister

Lisbon,May.13,2021(Lusa)-The Minister of Economy said on Thursday that digital transformation is "a possibility to make the leap to higher levels of development" and expressed himself "entirely available" to inject public resources for this purpose.
Pedro Siza Vieira was speaking at the 30th congress of the Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications (APDC), dedicated to the reinvention of technology, which ends today.
"Digital transformation is for Portugal a possibility to make the leap to higher levels of development, a possibility to share" with citizens the opportunities that these technologies "offer to all if we know how to get the will of all," said the Minister of Economy and Digital Transition.
"This congress therefore represents an opportunity to ensure a more structured reflection on all these issues," he stressed, pointing out that throughout the last day of the event "the reinvention of economic activities" through digital technologies will be addressed.
"I am not only very confident about the capacity of our companies and our society to embrace this transformation, but also entirely available to put public resources at the service of this transformation," he added.
During his speech at the congress opening, Pedro Siza Vieira underlined that the last year was "absolutely extraordinary as a catalyst and accelerator of changes" that were already foreseen, pointing out that many companies had to focus on digital in order to "be able to maintain their activity".
In the coming years, "I am absolutely convinced that the whole world and also in our country will start to see the full benefits of these technologies, they will deeply transform companies' business models", underlined Pedro Siza Vieira.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2021-05-14 10:07:00


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