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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Government working with 15 countries on new security, defence centre

Lisbon, Oct. 16, 2020 (Lusa) – Portugal is "working with 15 countries", including the United States, Brazil, Morocco or Norway, in producing a memorandum of understanding that will serve as a "common working basis" for the new Atlantic Centre, the government said.
Speaking at the opening session of the second edition of the Atlantic Centre Seminar, which took place at the National Defence Institute in Lisbon, the minister of defence said that "the Portuguese government has been working on the memorandum of understanding that will be signed with states that are interested in deepening coordination in terms of Atlantic security and defence.
Speaking to Lusa at the end of the session, João Gomes Cravinho said that "in essence, the document is the common working basis" of the centre, located in the Azores.
"We are working with 15 countries on the main themes on which we want to work within the Atlantic Centre, structured on three axes - political dialogue, a 'think tank' for the production of ideas and knowledge, and also training," he explained.
"These three dimensions will be at the centre of the memorandum of understanding, as well as some guiding principles, namely openness in terms of participation and a willingness to work together".
Gomes Cravinho said that he had had " a lot of receptivity, more than he imagined " on the part of the countries of the Atlantic Ocean axis, and that Portugal is building this document with nations such as Norway, the Netherlands, Ghana, South Africa, Côte d'Ivoire, Morocco, the United States and Brazil".
The minister stressed that the centre will deal "with the security and defence aspects that the partners agree upon".
In his speech, João Gomes Cravinho argued that "there are benefits in developing" the Centro do Atlântico as "an international institution, providing a simple but effective management structure, dedicated to specific areas of work.
The structure could also be a "platform for political dialogue" and represents "an opportunity to build a more inclusive security community".


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-10-17 09:52:25


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