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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Israel signs up to joint anti-poverty, sustainable development actions
Lisbon, Oct. 28, 2020 (Lusa) - Portugal and Israel will cooperate in third countries on projects that contribute to "poverty...
Lusa - Business News - Angola: Draft 2021 budget foresees spending up 3.8%, based on oil price of $39
Luanda, Oct.28,2020 (Lusa) - Angola's draft state budget for 2021 envisages total expenditure of $4.114 billion kwanzas (€18.1 billion euros),...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: January €10 pension hike will cost €270M - Finance minister
Lisbon, Oct.28,2020(Lusa) - Portugal's finance minister, João Leão, said in parliament on Wednesday that the extraordinary €10 increase in pensions,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Galp sells stake in floating Brazilian platform for about €85M
Lisbon, Oct.28,2020(Lusa)- Portuguese oil company Galp has reached an agreement with Petrobras to sell its stake in floating platform P-71,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Nationals escaped by 'miracle' in Geo Searcher wreck - survivor
Johannesburg, Oct. 28, 2020 (Lusa) - One of the Portuguese crew members of the British-South African fishing boat 'Geo Searcher',...
Lusa - Business News - Sao Tome: World Bank announces $100 million financing for next three years
Sao Tome, Oct.28,2020(Lusa)-The World Bank (WB) will provide $100 million to Sao Tome and Principe over the next three years,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Social Security balance falls 97.5% to €62.8M in September
Lisbon, Oct. 28, 2020 (Lusa) - Portugal's Social Security balance fell by 97.5% in September year-on-year but was still positive...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: North could have 7,000 coronavirus cases a day next week
Porto, Oct.28,2020(Lusa) - The North region may have 7,000 new cases of coronavirus infection next week, experts warned on Wednesday,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: PSI20 slides further under 4k barrier falling 0.80% to 3,945.57 points
Lisbon, Oct.28,2020 (Lusa) - The Lisbon Stock Exchange opened in negative territory once again on Wednesday, with the main index,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Wednesday
Lisbon, Oct. 28,2020 (Lusa) - The weekend lockdown and the use of face masks are two top stories this Wednesday....
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: 5G regulation 'hostile' - Altice

Lisbon, Oct.16,2020(Lusa)- Altice Portugal has said that there was a "hostile and adverse regulatory environment", and that "measures have to be considered" that may involve disinvestment or "rationalization of involvement in projects that consume large amounts of capital.

On Thursday, the Vofadone group said it was considering the auction of 5G spectrum in Portugal, considering that the rules proposed by the National Communications Authority (Anacom) are "illegal and discriminatory, which could involve "bidding for less spectrum" or even "not bidding.

Rival company NOS considered that the 5G auction rules "are absolutely illegal, unacceptable and disastrous" for the sector and the country.

"It is therefore natural, as Altice has said several times before, that in view of this highly unfavourable environment for investment, measures have to be considered, which may involve disinvestment in the country or even the rationalisation of involvement in large capital-consuming projects, with doubtful returns in view of the rules imposed," Altice said.

"The huge investment that we have been making in telecommunications in Portugal, which puts us in a top position in the sector at an international level, must contain an economic rationale that allows the viability of the return on that investment, supporting the generation of value, the maintenance of tens of thousands of jobs in this industry in our country and the growth of this sector today more than ever indispensable for economic development and growth," the same source said.

However, "since all national operators are private companies, it is natural that their shareholders should legitimately seek to make a profit from the hundreds of millions of euros they inject into our economy every year, seeking a stable, predictable environment that stimulates investment", he continued.

Today, "the situation in Portugal is, unfortunately, the opposite. We live in a hostile and adverse regulatory environment, which not only does not stimulate investment but also holds back any investor from betting on our country in the telecommunications sector, a sector where everyone from the government to independent associations, including major international consultancies and technology manufacturers, all are unanimous in criticising Anacom's management of the 5G dossier," he concluded.

The 5G auction process was suspended in March due to the pandemic, and the final regulation is now pending approval and publication by Anacom later this month.



Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-10-17 09:44:00


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