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Daily News
NNA - Health Ministry: 520 lab-confirmed Coronavirus cases in Lebanon
NNA-The Ministry of Public Health announced, in a statement on Saturday, that"twelve new laboratory-confirmed cases infected with the novel Coronavirus...
ATA - Fico: Growth in Covid-19 cases has remained stable
TIRANA, April 3 /ATA/- 43% of Covid-19 cases have been hospitalized, and a well-controlled population has prevailed in the country,...
NNA - مستشفى الحريري: ارتفاع عدد المتعافين إلى 54 وإخراج 7 مصابين إلى العزل المنزلي
وطنية - أعلن مستشفى رفيق الحريري الجامعي، في تقريره اليومي عن آخر المستجدات حول فيروس كورونا Covid- 19، أن مجموع الحالات التي ثبتت مخبريا إصابتها بالفيروس والموجودة حاليا في منطقة...
NNA - وزارة الصحة: 520 إصابة مثبتة بفيروس كورونا
وطنية - أعلنت وزارة الصحة العامة أنه حتى تاريخ 4/4/2020 بلغ عدد الحالات المثبتة مخبرياً في مستشفى الحريري الجامعي ومختبرات المستشفيات الجامعية المعتمدة بالإضافة إلى المختبرات الخاصة...
ATA - Klosi: Tourism is not patient zero, it is doctor that might cure ailing economy
TIRANA, April 4 /ATA/ Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, said that it is difficult to measure the toll...
NNA - 54 personnes totalement guéries depuis le début de la crise du Covid-19
ANI- Dans son rapport quotidien, l’hôpital universitaire Rafic Hariri a indiqué que le nombre total des patients infectés avérés, ...
NNA - Rapport quotidien du ministère de la Santé : 520 personnes testées positives au coronavirus
ANI-Le ministère de la Santé publique a annoncé, dans son rapport quotidien, que 520 cas de contamination au coronavirus sont...
ATA - Travel restrictions/ Police and army will continue controls and impose penalties
TIRANA,April 4 /ATA/–“Police and army will continue controls and impose penalties on all those caught in breach of travel restrictions....
NNA - Government issues mechanism related to the opening of Rafik Hariri International Airport for the repatriation of Lebanese expatriates
NNA - The Lebanese Government issued Saturday the mechanism to be adopted in ensuring the return of expatriates,...
HINA - 'Let's plough Croatia's fields' initiative launched
ZAGREB,April 3 (Hina)-The Oikon institute for applied ecology from Zagreb and several experts in agronomy, ecology, forestry and geoinformatics have...
HINA - ELFAC confederation warns about COVID-19 consequences for large families
ZAGREB, April 4, 2020 (Hina) - A Croatian civil society association called "Familiy3plus" on Saturday warned about specific problems facing...
CNA - Fitch's rating action highlights Cyprus' responsible fiscal management, FinMin says
CNA - NICOSIA/CYPRUS - The announcement of Fitch rating agency on Cyprus long term rating highlights the government’s responsible management...
CNA - Fitch changes Cyprus’ outlook to stable due to economic impact from coronavirus
CNA-Nicosia-Fitch rating agency has changed the outlook for Cyprus to stable from positive, citing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Thursday

Lisbon, Feb. 27, 2020 (Lusa) – The spread of the coronavírus and political parties try to stop bank charges make the main headlines this Thursday morning.

Correio da Manhã:
- "'Novo Banco' has already cost taxpayers €2.79 billion"
- "Teacher was on sick leave for 39 days: Accused of brutal assault on teacher"
- "Warning: Chinese Virus Spreads in Europe and Contaminates Economy"
- "Vaz das Neves: Judge indicted for corruption and abuse of power"
- "Mistreatment: João Moura's greyhounds prevented from competing"
- "Highways: Toll roads in interior of country will have discounts"
- "Benfica won't give up the Europa League"
- "Dragon wants to beat Germans"
- "Sporting ready for Turkish test"

- "Former President of court held private trial and charged for it"
- "Coronavirus: Covid-19 is spreading faster in the rest of the world than in China"
- "New Bank received almost 3 billion in three years"
- "Greek islands in revolt against closed refugee camps"
- "Television: Ricardo Araújo Pereira has a new program: 'Isto É Gozar com Quem Trabalha'"
- "Nurses go back to the beginning of their careers if they leave the leadership"
- "PS wants to speed up state hiring"

Jornal de Notícias:
- "Local councils win another year to run schools and health centers"
- "Coronavirus puts study visits and holidays at risk"
- "Maia children’s home manager forced children to eat their own vomit"
- "Fraud with imported cars: Taxman owed five million"
- "Montijo: PSD rejects law preventing mayors from stopping new airport"
- "Lisbon: Police drew gun threatened by 'bikers' at funeral"
- "Ricardo Araújo Pereira: A bomb aimed at bankers, politicians and deputies"
- "Europa League: Braga: Rangers' warriors party in 'quarry' - F C Porto and Benfica forced to go around and Sporting just has to manage"

Jornal i:
- "José Miguel Júdice ruthless with Nuno Artur Silva and RTP's deals with Produções Fictícias: 'If this is not a conflict of interest, what is a conflict of interest?
- "Manuel Alegre: 'Nobody thought the extreme right would enter parliament"
- "Coronavirus: More people are contaminated throughout the world than in China"
- "PAN Party wants to punish greyhound races with prison sentences of up to two years"
- "Locusts: A plague that already has biblical proportions"
- "Arménio Carlos: returning to Carris with 'the same humility'"

- "Parties together to stop bank charges"
- "Portugal got caught up by Eastern countries"
- "State Budget: Extra increase in pensions to come in April"
- "Coronavirus: Stock markets cancel year's gains"
- "Resolution Fund: Banking may have more time to pay the state"
- "Not enough resources to investigate money laundering"
- "Energy: Chinese CTG put 1.8% of EDP up for sale"

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-02-28 08:48:17


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