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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Company insolvencies fall 11.4% in October - report

Lisbon, Nov. 7, 2019 (Lusa) - Companies insolvencies registered in October decreased by 11.4% compared to the same month in 2018, with 631 insolvent companies, 81 fewer than last year, according to a report released on Thursday.
According to the report by Iberinform, a subsidiary of Crédito y Caución, there was a 12.74% fall in the number of insolvencies to 4,252 insolvency actions against 4,873 in the first 10 months of 2018.
Mandatory insolvencies fell by 27.7% compared to 2018, while the insolvencies presented by the companies fell by 23.1%, with a total of 938 companies requesting insolvencies.
Closures with an insolvency plan fell from 61 in 2018 to 45 (26.2%) and the declarations of insolvency corresponding to the conclusion of proceedings increased by 0.9%.
According to the report, Lisbon and Porto are the districts with the most insolvencies, 867 and 1,037 respectively, with a decrease of 34.6% in Lisbon and 7.7% in Porto compared to 2018.
The sharpest falls were recorded in Vila Real (44.3%), Castelo Branco (37.7%), Guarda (36.1%), Évora (28.3%), Setúbal (25.4%), Horta (25%), Viana do Castelo (19%), Portalegre (18.2%) and Bragança (11.4%).
Madeira had a decrease of 4.4% with 109 insolvencies, against 114 in 2018, while in the Azores the sharpest decrease was registered in Horta.
On the other hand, five districts showed increases: Aveiro (2.7%), Beja (11.5%), Braga (22%), Coimbra (9.3%), Faro (7.6%) and Leiria (3%).
The sectors with increases in insolvencies were agriculture, hunting and fishing (7.2%) and manufacturing (9.3%).
The sharpest decreases were seen in the extractive industry (47.4%), electricity, gas, water (42.1%), wholesale trade (23.5%), other services (21.5%), vehicle trade (17.1%), retail trade (16.8%), construction and public works (16.5%), hotels and restaurants (14.5%) and transport (4.3%).
New openings, in turn, according to the study, rose 2.5% in October to a total of 3,950 new companies.
In all this year 4,021 more companies were created than in 2018 to a total of 42,026 (an increase of 10.6% over last year).
The sectors with the greatest positive variations are transport (125.9%), electricity, gas, water (72.4%), mining (43.5%), construction and public works (30.5%), telecommunications (15.6%), agriculture, hunting and fishing (14.6%), retail trade (8.6%) and vehicle trade (5%).
Only two sectors presented negative variation, wholesale trade (0.1%) and hotels/restaurants (0.8%).

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2019-11-08 08:45:09


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