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NNA - First Lady patronizes awards ceremony for winners on occasion of Independence Day
NNA - Lebanese First Lady, Nadia Aoun, patronized Sunday the awards ceremony for the winners of the most beautiful advertising poster...
NNA - Head of Interpol Foundation, former Minister Elias Murr at Interpol General Assembly in Dubai: We will not allow terrorism to prevail
NNA - Head of Interpol Foundation, former Minister Elias Murr, stressed Sunday on striving to defeat terrorists and criminals in...
NNA - رحيل الكاتب والمخرج المسرحي زياد أبو عبسي الشيوعي: رحيله خسارة لكل من يحمل فكرا تقدميا حر
وطنية - توفي اليوم الكاتب والفنان والمسرحي زياد أبو عبسي، عن عمر يناهز 62 عاما، بعد معاناة مع المرض.
NNA - منتخب كرة القدم يواصل تحضيراته للقاء أستراليا في مباراة جماهيرية
وطنية - أجرى منتخب لبنان لكرة القدم مرانا مساء السبت في 'ستاد جوبيلي أوفال' بمنطقة كارلتون في سيدني، إستعدادا للقاء...
NNA - الاتحاد الأسترالي اللبناني كرم منتخب لبنان لكرة القدم
وطنية - كرم الإتحاد الأوسترالي اللبناني، بعثة منتخب لبنان لكرة القدم المتواجدة في سيدني لخوض المباراة الدولية الودية مع منتخب...
WAFA - كريمة عبود - رائدة التصوير في فلسطين
كريمة عبود - رائدة التصوير في فلسطين (تحقيق مصور)
SANA - أفلام (القمر البارد) و(الملك الأخير) و(جيوستورم) في تظاهرة أحدث إنتاجات السينما
دمشق-سانا - تضمنت فعاليات اليوم الثامن من تظاهرة “أحدث إنتاجات السينما العالمية الجزء الثاني” عرض ثلاثة أفلام عالمية هي (القمر...
SANA - سورية تحرز المرتبة الثالثة في الفئة المتوسطة من المسابقة المفتوحة لنهائيات أولمبياد الروبوت العالمي
تشانج مي-تايلاند-سانا
أحرزت سورية المرتبة الثالثة للفئة المتوسطة من المسابقة المفتوحة في نهائيات أولمبياد الروبوت العالمي التي أقيمت في مدينة تشانج...
WAFA - بعد غياب 40 عاما.. نادي بالستينو يحرز كأس تشيلي للمرة الثالثة بتاريخه
سانتياغو 18-11-2018 وفا- توج ممثل الجالية الفلسطينية في تشيلي، نادي بالستينو، الليلة، بلقب كأس تشيلي لكرة القدم بفوزه على ضيفه...
EFE - SPAIN FRANCO - Feminist activists interrupt far-right memorial for late Spanish dictator
Madrid, Nov 18 (EFE).- Feminist activists on Sunday interrupted a far-right memorial for Spain's former military dictator Francisco Franco at...
CNA - Looted mosaic from the Turkish occupied church of Panagia Kanakaria returns home
CNA - Maria Koniotou - Nicosia
A mosaic depicting Apostle Mark on a medal, that was looted from the Turkish occupied...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Bar pilots see accident risk in Setúbal port if dredging as planned

Setúbal, Portugal, Nov. 7 (LUSA) - A bar pilot based at the Portuguese port of Setúbal has warned of the risk of accidents and large ships being stranded in the Sado estuary if there is no change in the dredging plans in place to improve access to the docks.
"The bar pilots have never been consulted” by the APSS, administration of the ports of Setúbal and Sesimbra, on the changes, said José Guia, who has been in the profession for 27 years, at the first public session on improvements planned for the port of Setúbal, which took place in the APSS auditorium and was attended by over 100 people.
"I have warned [the port administration] of the risk of accidents with large ships, of about 300 metres," said Guia, reiterating that bar pilots should have been consulted in the process, because they are the ones who have the responsibility of avoiding accidents.
For its part, bivalve fishing association Bivalmar made the criticism that the environmental impact study on the proposed dredging did not contain a single line on the possible consequences for the 300 fishing vessels and more than 600 people who depend on the shellfish banks, and who may be badly affected by the deposit of dredged material.
According to Carlos Pratas of Bivalmar, the site initially planned to dump the material will turn the shellfish banks into a cemetery, as the national metereological and maritime organisation IPMA has recognised.
"What worries us is that we have not yet glimpsed any solution, although we acknowledge that the president of the APSS, Lídia Sequeira, is making an effort to seek a consensus and avoid the deposition of dredging material in the sandbank area, which we consider an environmental crime," said Pratas.
The session also saw several other criticisms expressed of the APSS strategy of improving maritime accessibility to the port, above all fears of the environmental impact.
Sequeira said that the APSS had met all legal requirements to safeguard environmental issues, and warned of the need to modernise the port.
"Today, those who do not modernise, disappear," she said, arguing that this is the only way for ports to attract new industries and develop the surrounding region.
The dredging plan to enlarge and deepen the navigation channel of the port of Setúbal foresees the removal of about 6.5 million cubic metres of sand from the estuary.


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2018-11-08 08:10:40


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