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Daily News
NNA - Lebanon to partake in Euro-Arab World Summit in Athens
NNA - Lebanon will participate in the Euro-Arab World Summit titled 'Shared Horizons', organized by the Economic and Business Group...
NNA - Ambassador of Pakistan talks cooperation with NNA Director
NNA - Newly appointed Ambassador to Pakistan, Najib Dourani, on Monday paid an acquaintance visit to National News Agency Director,...
ATA - Albania agro-processing exports grow 18% in first half of 2018
TIRANA, Oct 20 /ATA/ – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Niko Peleshi underlined that Albania’s agro-processing exports grew by...
ATA - Klosi : Increased number of foreign tourists in October
TIRANA, October 19 /ATA/ – The Albanian Minister of Tourism and the Environment, Blendi Klosi, shared Friday on his official...
ATA - Government supports 668 businesses under employment fund
TIRANA, Oct 20 /ATA/ – Around 668 businesses across the country have benefited under the government’s employment fund last year...
ATA - Ahmetaj: Albania exports rise 15.3% year-on-year in September
TIRANA, Oct 21 /ATA/ – Albania exports rose 15.3% year-on-year in the first nine months of 2018, whereas imports increased...
NNA - Greek Ambassador to Lebanon, Francisco Faros Ambassador tours archaeological sites in Anfeh
NNA - Greek Ambassador to Lebanon, Francisco Faros, on Monday toured archaeological sites in Anfeh at the invitation of the...
NNA - Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri sponsors signing of Bekaa water treatment agreement
NNA - Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri sponsored today at the Grand Serail the signing ceremony of an agreement between "Liban...
NNA - Journalist Talal Salman in lecture at AUB: 'Reflecting on the Lebanese press and its fight for survival'
NNA - Journalist Talal Salman gave a lecture at the American University of Beirut (AUB) entitled "Journalism: between the profession...
WAFA - سامريون يعلقون اصنافاً من الفواكه على عرش داخل منازلهم
نابلس - سامريون يعلقون اصنافاً من الفواكه على عرش داخل منازلهم على قمة جبل جرزيم ،استعدادا لعيد العرش الذي يصادف...
WAFA - طريق الطحان تقترب من نهايتها
ابلس/ عدنان ابوحامد (45عاما) من قرية الساوية جنوب نابلس يطحن حبوب القمح على مطحنة تُجَّر وتعمل بواسطة التراكتور. المطحنة صنعت...
WAFA - بشارة: مشروع إدارة المالية العامة يهدف إلى تطوير قدرات مؤسسات دولة فلسطين
رام الله 22-10-2018 وفا- قال وزير المالية والتخطيط شكري بشارة، إن مشروع إدارة المالية العامة يهدف إلى تطوير قدرات مؤسسات...
NNA - Launching at the Grand Serail of the Airport expansion preparatory phase
NNA - Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri participated this afternoon in part of a meeting held at the Grand Serail dedicated...
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun welcomes delegation of Lebanese Diaspora in Argentina
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, met at Baabda Palace on Monday with an academic delegation of the...
NNA - Lebanon and Armenia closer than ever
NNA - A number of Armenian newspapers featured a photograph of acting Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pachinyan, side by side...
NNA - Le pape François s'entretient avec Le patriarche maronite, Béchara Boutros Rahi
ANI - Le patriarche maronite, Béchara Boutros Rahi, a visité lundi le pape François au Vatican.
Ils ont tenu une réunion...
NNA - البرنامج التدريبي لفئة المكفوفين والمكفوفات تحضيرا لسباق ماراتون بيروت الدولي
وطنية - يتواصل تنفيذ حصص التدريب للبرنامج المخصص لفئة المكفوفين والمكفوفات الذي تدعمه جمعية "بيروت ماراتون" وبالتعاون مع جمعية "أبستريم"...
NNA - الرؤية الوطنية أطلقت حملة نظافة للشاطئ بالتعاون مع بلدية صور
وطنية - صور - قام حوالي 50 متطوعا بحملة نظافة للشاطئ في صور، تستمر ستة أيام، في خطوة تأتي ضمن...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Ryanair pays €5,500 to avoid plane lien
Porto, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – Ryanair paid on Monday €5,500 to stop a lie non one of its planes at...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Number of unemployed people drops by 17.1% in September
Lisbon, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – The number of unemployed people registered in Portugal’s employment services in September amounted to 338,935,...
EFE - Commemorative coin with poor likeness of Spain's princess Leonor goes on sale
Madrid, Oct 22 (efe-epa).- A special issue coin commemorating the 1,300th anniversary of the founding of the Iberian kingdom of...
CNA - Finance Minister to present Estia scheme to Parliamentary Committee of Finance
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia
Minister of Finance Harris Georgiades will present the ESTIA scheme to the parliamentary committee of...
Lusa - Business News - Angola: EIU warns privatisations should be 'managed well'
London, Oct. 21 (Lusa) – The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on Monday said Angola’s plan to privatise dozens of state-owned...
Lusa - Business News - Angola: Fitch solutions revises up loan growth
London, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – London-based risk consultancy Fitch Solutions on Monday revised its estimates of growth of bank loans...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Portugal's GSTEP wins public tender to improve data access of Mozambique
Lisbon, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - The Portuguese company GSTEP announced on Monday that it had won a public tender worth...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Resort with vegetation cover set to flourish in Castelo de Vide
Castelo de Vide, Portugal, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - A tourist project with 45 accommodation units covered in vegetation and incorporated...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Vila Nova de Gaia to introduce €2 a night tourist tax
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - Vila Nova de Gaia is the latest city in Portugal to...
Lusa - Business News - Cape Verde: Finance minister unveils €64M budget
Praia, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – Cape Verde’s finance minister, Olavo Correia, said on Monday that next year’s €664 million budget...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Driver's licence to be almost 8 times more expensive from November
Maputo, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – New prices that make the cost of a driver’s licence in Mozambique almost eight times...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Monetary Policy Commitee of central bank gathers on Monday
Maputo, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - The Bank of Mozambique Monetary Policy Committee meets on Monday for the fifth time this...
HINA - Croatia's Red Cross collecting donations for 140 destitute people on its 140 anniversary
ZAGREB, Oct 22 (Hina) - The Croatian national society of the Red Cross (HCK) celebrated its 140th anniversary at...
CNA - Eurostat confirms 2017 Cyprus 1.8% budget surplus with 2nd notification data release
CNA - Athanasios Athanasiou - Luxembourg
Eurostat has confirmed Cyprus` 2017 budget surplus of +1,8% with today`s 2nd notification for government...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Bond yields down on Monday morning
Lisbon, Oct. 22 (Lusa) – Portugal's debt interest at around 8.40 a.m. on Monday in Lisbon was falling in every...
CNA - Industrial turnover in Cyprus up in first seven months of 2018
Industria turnover in Cyprus recorded an increase in July and during the first seven months of this year,...
Lusa - Business News - Macau: Region bags €8.66B in gaming tax in first nine months
Macau, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - Macau raised €8.66 billion in tax revenue on gaming and gambling between January and September...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Public debt in 2017 totals 124.4% of GDP - Eurostat
Brussels, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - Portugal still has the third largest public debt in the European Union (EU) in 2017,...
CNA - DBRS views positively efforts in Cyprus to reduce NPLs
CNA - Cyprus/NICOSIA - International Rating Agency DBRS views positively efforts by the Cyprus government and the local banks to...
Lusa - Business News - Macau: Inflation rate totals 2.66% in September
Macau, China, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - The rate of inflation in Macau totalled 2.66% in the 12 months ended in...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Metical remains stable against euro, dollar
Maputo, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - Mozambique's currency remained practically unchanged against the euro and the dollar in the last week,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Lisbon stock exchange opens up by 0.45%
Lisbon, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - Lisbon's stock exchange opened on Monday up on the previous session, with the main index,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Monday
Lisbon, Oct. 22 (Lusa) - The headlines in the Portuguese pres on Monday include the news that cancer secreening in...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top newspaper headlines on Wednesday, 10 October

Lisbon, Oct. 10 (Lusa) - Portugal's leading newspapers on Wednesday report on a strike by nurses and the state of play in negotiations over the minority Socialist government's draft budget for 2019, among a wide range of political and economic stories.

Correio da Manhã:
- “Real Madrid obliges [Cristiano] Ronaldo to pay”
- “Man kills mother for 20 euros”
- “Military put state homes up for rent”
- “Debts to tax office paid in instalments”
- “Abuse of power in favour of FC Porto”
- “Marcelo and Cavaco hide tension” - current president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Aníbal Cavaco Silva
- “Mobile phone catches out triathlete's widow”
- “Legionnaire's disease detected in Porto university residence”
- “Brazil presidential elections: [PT candidate Fernando] Haddad under pressure to distance himself from Lula”
- “Benfica: Vieira suspect in emails case” - club chairman Luís Filipe Vieira
- “Sporting: Staff member arrested for attack at Alcochete” training ground - by 'fans' on players

- "Nurses have taken strike action on more than 100 days this year"
- "We were students for two days in search of a room for 250 euros. In vain..."
- "The last speech: 'Success or failure' of investigations depends on attorney-general, warns Joana Marques Vidal" - outgoing AG
- "Madeira wine from 18th century discovered behind a wall"
- "Balanced budget books prompt government to talk of victory"
- "Hospitals should be funded according to results"
- "Haddad distances himself from Lula to win votes in the centre" in second round of Brazil's presidential elections

Jornal de Notícias:
- "Relief in IRS [income tax] in 2019 for 'green receipts'" - casual workers and the self-employed
- "Benfica mole alleges error in case"
- "Eagles fined 750 euros for 'bullfight' in classic" - Benfica again
- "Sporting: Invasion of Alcochete sees another two detained"
- "Regulation: Presents to referees limited to 150 euros"
- "Shortage of doctors in child psychology in hospitals"
- "Fátima: Houses of Church may evade new tourist tax"
- "Aviation: Ryanair refuses to pay [compensation] for cancelled flights"
- Outgoing attorney-general Joana "Marques Vidal wants parliament to rubber-stamp candidates for AG"
- "Porto: University hided legionnaire's from students"
- "Paulo Cunha e Silva elected figure of the year by the University of Porto"

Jornal i:
- Criminal investigation "Marquês: Ivo Rosa wants to know if he needs police protection"
- "Order [of Lawyers] lets complaint by Bragaparques lawyer against Ricardo Sá Fernandes lapse"
- "Big interview with economist João Salgueiro: 'The third worst growth in Europe is a good result?'"
- "Budget: Left demands more for civil servants, pensions and energy"
- "Troika: [former president Aníbal] Cavaco Silva reveals 'bad appointments' by [prime ministers] Sócrates and Passos"
- "CTT: Fewer counters but more points of access to postal network"
- "'Dormio': Scientists develop way of seeing what we dream"
- "Venezuela. Opposition deputy died at headquarters of secret services"

- Portugal's biggest non-state bank “BCP admits it is vulnerables to takeover”
- “’Framework of EU rules is too complex', Vítor Gaspar, IMF director” and former finance minister of Portugal
- “Cut in new [career] progressions [for schoolteachers] reaches 66% in 2019”
- “Energy prices rising? ‘From 2018 it will be crazy’, warns Manuel Azevedo, executive chairman of Energia Simples”
- “Hearing of PS [Socialist] deputy chosen [to lead energy regulator] ERSE to be postponed”
- “Turkish investment in Portugal grows thanks to 'golden visas'” - fast-track residence permits for big investors
- “Raw materials: Oil price enters ‘red zone’”


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2018-10-11 08:59:22


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