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Daily News
SANA - SARC delivers aid to several families in Eastern Ghouta
Damascus Countryside, SANA- The Syrian Arab Red Crescent(SARC) continued to deliver aid to the most affected families in towns and...
SANA - Breast cancer survivors tell of success stories during lectures
Damascus, SANA- With courage in the face of breast cancer and the desire to overcome it and to move on,...
SANA - Nassib border crossing to re-open tomorrow Monday
Damascus, SANA- Interior Minister Mohammad al- Sha’ar said that an agreement has been reached between Syria and Jordan to re-open...
NNA - الرياضي بيروت بطل السوبر في كرة السلة
وطنية - أحرز الرياضي بيروت، مسابقة كأس السوبر الممهدة للموسم السلوي اللبناني، بفوزه على هومنتمن بيروت بطل الثنائية الدوري والكأس...
NNA - كمشة دفى اطلقت حملتها الثانية في المتن
وطنية - اطلقت 'كمشة دفى' حملتها الثانية في منطقة المتن، بالتعاون مع بلدية بيت مري وبحضور رئيس البلدية روي ابو...
NNA - Eight young artists win the 'Boghossian Foundation Award' for Film, Children's Literature, Painting, Dance and Design
NNA - The Boghossian Art Foundation celebrated the annual distribution of its 'Young Lebanese Artists Award' ...
NNA - L'ambassadeur d'Autriche visiteur d'honneur lors du dîner annuel de l'Association 'j'ai de la droit de vivre'
ANI - L'ambassadeur d'Autriche, Marian Werba, accueilli comme visiteur d'honneur lors du dîner annuel de l'Association "j'ai de la droit...
EFE - Spanish artist Eduardo Arroyo, Narrative Figuration master, dies aged 81
Madrid, Oct 14 (EFE).- Figurative painter and sculptor Eduardo Arroyo, one of the most relevant 20th-century Spanish artists and a...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: New 'family farm' status to benefit some 100,000 farmers - ministry

Lisbon, Aug. 9 (Lusa) – Portugal’s Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday estimated that around 100,000 farmers, representing 40% of the country’s total, will benefit from being classed as family agriculture (Estatuto de Agricultura Familiar), under legislation that has now taken effect.
“Family agriculture represents over 240,000 farms, so 94% of total farms, covering 54% of the total agricultural area in use and more than 80% of total agricultural work,” said the ministry in a statement. According to the National Statistics Institute, it added, around 30% of family-run farms have never received any European Union direct aid under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
According to the ministry, the programme for family farms takes an approach of “positive discrimination”, aiming to contribute to “rural territories being more valued, from a perspective of sustainability and social and of greater social and territorial cohesion.”
Portugal's government enshrined the status of family agriculture in law on Tuesday, publishing the decree-law in the state journal on Tuesday, following a period of public consultation in December and January.
Farms that have this status will be eligible for access to public policy measures to support agricultural and forestry activities and in the ambit of programmes financed by EU funds, as well as exceptional measures that contribute to improved “territorial planning and the preservation of agricultural and forestry activity in disadvantaged areas.”
They will also enjoy simpler rules for the licensing of production units and other bureaucracy, as well as access to funds for training and discounts on diesel for farmers.
To apply for the status, those in charge of farms must be aged 18 or over, have taxable income of no more than the fourth bracket for personal income tax, and may not receive more than €5,000 from CAP aid. Candidates must also be in charge of a farm whose buildings are "rustic or mixed" and on which manpower is at least 50% family.
A commission has been set up to oversee the programme, to be chaired by the minister, Luís Capoulas Santos, with representatives from various other relevant government departments, as well as of the Azores and Madeira regional governments and the main farming confederations.


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2018-08-10 09:54:09


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