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NNA - Un hélicoptère militaire et la Défense civile tentent de venir à bout de l’incendie de Hamat
ANI – Un hélicoptère militaire et la Défense civile de Batroun tentent de contenir l’incendie qui s’est déclaré au Mont...
NNA - Le président de la République, Michel Aoun reçoit une lettre de son homologue brésilien sur l'extension du partenariat entre les deux pays
ANI - Le président de la République, Michel Aoun, a qualifié les relations entre le Liban et le Brésil "...
NNA - President of the Republic receives Secretary of Strategic Affairs of Brazilian government
NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received at the Baabda Palace this Tuesday the Special Secretary for...
NNA - Mise en garde du ministère des Finances contre un courriel électronique non officiel
ANI – Le ministère des Finances a mis, ce mardi, en garde contre un courriel électronique qui contient de fausses...
NNA - اطلاق مشروع تمكين ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة في كرة السلة
وطنية - أطلقت "جمعية طرابلس لرياضة المعوقين "وبتعاون وتمويل من" اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر" مشروع تمكين ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة في...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Vale owes about €7 billion
Maputo, Aug. 14 (Lusa) - Mining company Vale Moçambique, which belongs to the Brazilian giant Vale, owed $7.9 billion (€7...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: PSI20 slips 0.59% to close at just over 5,500 points
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – Lisbon’s benchmark index the PSI20, closed 0.59% down at 5,504.50 points, pressured by falls in...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Reporter fees aim to 'shut down' media - NGOs
Maputo, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – Mozambican civil society organisations said on Tuesday that the new fees the government wants to...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: BCP 2018-2021 strategic plan 'credible' - DBRS
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – Canadian rating agency DBRS said on Tuesday that the strategic objectives of Portuguese bank BCP...
EFE - ISRAEL ARCHEOLOGY - Ottoman-era soap factory discovered in Israel during museum construction
Jerusalem, Aug 14 (EFE).- A soap factory believed to date roughly back to the 10th century has been discovered near...
Lusa - Business News - Angola: Mini-summit delayed
Luanda, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – The presidents of Angola, Congo and Gabon held a concertation meeting near Luanda on Tuesday...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Economy speeds up in Q2
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – Portugal’s economic growth accelerated in the second quarter, the country’s National Statistics Institute said on...
CNA - Spokesman says realistic to expect a GDP growth rate of more than 4% for 2018
CNA - Nicosia - Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said that the Statistical Service`s announcement regarding the GDP growth rate...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: SAG shares down 16% on H1 losses of €10M
Lisboa, 14 ago (Lusa) – Shares in Portuguese car retailer and distributor SAG Gest – Soluções Automóveis Globais were trading...
Lusa - Business News - Equatorial Guinea: New ADV news agency criticises western media coverage
Malabo, Aug. 13 (Lusa) - The African Daily Voice (ADV) presented itself on Tuesday in the Equatorial Guinea capital, Malabo,...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: Maputo INternational Fair expects over 160,000 visitors
Maputo, Aug. 14 (Lusa) - The Maputo International Fair (FACIM), the largest event of its kind in Mozambique, this year...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Economy grows 2.35% on year in second quarter - INE
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) - Year-on-year growth of the Portuguese economy increased in the second quarter, to 2.3%, and by...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Lisbon stocks lower mid-morning, PSI20 down 0.25%
Lisboa, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – The main index of the Lisbon Stock Exchange, the PSI20, was trading down by 0.25%...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Tuesday
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) - The headlines in the Portuguese press on Tuesday include the news that overnight stays by...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Tourism revenue grows 7.5% year-on-year
Lisbon, Aug. 14 (Lusa) – Portugal’s tourism revenue rose 7.5% year-on-year, totaling €376.7 million in June, the country’s National Statistics...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Tuesday

Portugal: Top headlines on Tuesday
Lisbon, June 12 (Lusa) – The headlines in the Portuguese press on Tuesday include the news that the number of online gambling licenses granted in Portugal is set to double.

Diário de Notícias:

- "Banks threaten. New rental law may increase home loan monthly payments"
- "Pedro Veiga interview ." It's a mistake to have military officers interfering with cybersecurity."
- "Left Bloc against bullfights. Bullfights on TV only late at night, with a red ball and no support from the state"
- "Sporting. William, Gelson, Bruno, and Dost rescinded.President will leave if players go back."

Jornal de Notícias:

- "Ministry will force teachers to give grades"
- "PSP creates teams to supervise production and sale of rockets over the summer"
- "Sporting loses 114 million"
- "Pedrógão. Three more people charged with not clearing roadside areas"
- "Amarante. Man sentenced for domestic violence lives in the victim's house"
- "Porto. Social Security home is overcrowded and in a poor state of repair"
- "World Cup. Headquarters of the national team shut tight"

Jornal i:

- "Trip to the Santo António festivities. Guide to all the parties in Lisbon, where there's no lack of alternative options"
- "Casa Pia. European justice decides on compensation for Paulo Pedroso today"
- "Terminations at Sporting. Bruno de Carvalho does not surrender"


- "Licenses to explore online betting will double in Portugal"
- "OECD - Portugal outside the best examples of teacher evaluation and training"
- "Sporting. Who will stay?"
- "Pedrógão. State has already recovered 60% of the homes destroyed"

Jornal de Negócios:

- "Portugal has improved but is not free of the past. Exclusive with Pierre Moscovici"
- "Interest on loans negative until 2020"
- "Frezite buys space engineering company"
- "EDP fears risk of greater exposure to Brazil"
- "Novo Banco plays down return to profits"
- "Data protection. Government limits access to business owners"
- "Sporting. Pressure on Bruno de Carvalho grows with more rescissions"

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Date : 2018-06-13 07:51:24


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