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Daily News
NNA - دراسات ميدانية عن نتائج تأثير التغير المناخي على حشرات محمية حرج اهدن؟
تحقيق روبير فرنجية
وطنية - بدأت الدراسات الميدانية التطبيقية في محمية حرج اهدن لمشروع Undp Small Grant Program والهادف الى رصد...
CNA - High-Speed action through the 13 Special Stages of the Cyprus Rally
CNA - Nicosia
Intense action and high-speed highlights await all the spectators who will gather for the 13 Special Stages...
Lusa - Business News - Angola: Oil output on a slippery slope

Luanda, May 15 (Lusa) – Angola’s oil output fell another 7,800 barrels a day to a daily production of 1.52 million barrels, according to official figures.
Angola’s oil output had already fallen 18,000 barrels a day the month before, OPEP said.
Angola was Africa’s leading oil exporter for most of 2016 and up until May 2017, when it lost the top position to Nigeria.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2018-05-16 09:14:06


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