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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Rally generated a return of €137M in 2017

Madrid, Jan. 17 (Lusa) – The ‘Rali de Portugal’ made a return for the country of €137 million last year, the chairman of the ‘Automóvel Club de Portugal’ (ACP) said on Wednesday, adding that 2018 would be “even better”.
We broke all the records in 2017 as we had a return of €137 million, which was €7 million more than the year before, Carlos Barbosa said in Madrid on the sidelines of the opening of the Madrid tourism fair.
Last year we had about 1.2 million visitors so it is completely crazy in the north of the country, telling reporters that the ‘Rali de Portugal’ generated €60 million in food and accommodation sales in three days and gave about €30 million in VAT to the state, which “only” gave a subsidy of a million euros through the Northern Regional Development and Coordination Commission.
This year’s Rali de Portugal 2018 is going to pass through Porto, where, once again, there is going to be the “Porto Street Stage” that is going to be even bigger than last year as the public areas have been expanded to make it easier for the spectators to see the action, he said.

Agency : LUSA

Date : 2018-01-18 09:10:59


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