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NNA - We do not need financial support, Lebanon capable of maintaining stability in markets said Lebanese Central Bank Governor


NNA-Thanks to the international support from the United States and Europe,the appearance of Prime Minister Saad Hariri on television yesterday evening, and the efforts of President Michel Aoun to maintain unity and communication with the international community, we have reached a stage of relative stability, but not a settlement to the crisis, Lebanese Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, said in an interview with CNBC news channel.

"The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran has caused damage to Lebanon. Many prime ministers have previously resigned in Lebanon, but the current fear factor arises from the fact that this time the resignation took place outside Lebanon," Salameh explained, hoping that things will go back to normal as Prime Minister Saad Hariri returns to Lebanon and holds talks with President Aoun.

"But we do not see a way out of the crisis in the short term," Salameh added.

In response to a question about the possibility of avoiding war and accompanying economic and human costs, similar to those of the Israeli aggression back in 2006, Salameh stressed the possibility of steering clear of war.

"Lebanon is hosting a million and a half Syrian refugees today, and there is no need for a war that will cause economic problems in a country that is already suffering the burden of refugees. This is not to mention the humanitarian problems that Europe might have to face," the Lebanese Central Bank Governor added, expecting the International Community to exert the necessary pressure to avoid a war in Lebanon.

"Lebanon's economy is resilient. The cash position is stable, and the Lebanese pound remains stable. We are not worried about the government's credit worthiness and the banking sector," Salameh added.

In another interview with Bloomberg, Salameh said that the crisis in Lebanon was political rather than a monetary one.

"The Lebanese Central Bank has taken proactive measures as liquidity in the Lebanese Pounds and foreign currencies remains high in the banking sector and the Central Bank. There are also positive political factors translated through the steps taken by the President of the Republic to preserve Lebanon's unity and to cooperate closely with the international community that supported Lebanon through permits issued by the United States and Europe," Salameh said.

"Thanks to the strong liquidity situation and the international political support, we hope stability will prevail in Lebanon," he added.

"Lebanon's stability is backed by liquidity," he concluded.


Agency : NNA

Date : 2017-11-14 10:13:38



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