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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Monday

Lisbon, Nov. 13 (Lusa) - The headlines in the Portuguese press on Monday include the news that most jobs created in Portugal are low paid and low-skill.

- "Tecnoforma case. Brussels contradicts Public Prosecutor and says there was fraud"
- "Motorcycling. Miguel Oliveira repeats hat-trick in 'surreal' season finale"
- "Controversy. Pantheon has already received ten dinners and this year refused New Year's Eve"
- "Sustainability. Portuguese researchers want to stop mako shark fishing"
-"Mobility .Chinese ' unicorn' lands in Lisbon with electric bicycles "
- "Air Force knew for years that it was being robbed but did nothing"
- "Health will have €50 million less in 2018 than this year"

Diário de Notícias:
- "Portugal creates a lot of low-paid and low-skilled jobs"
- "Warning. There is software to steal from ATMs for sale on the Internet for €4,000"
- "Families lend more than €5 million to the state"
- "Universities. Women in the majority but far away from more profitable courses"
- "Prostate cancer. New treatments extend life with more quality"
- "Urban Beach. ASAE and complaints about hygiene, signage and discrimination"

Jornal de Notícias:
- "Doctors enticed with €100,000 to recommend colleagues"
- "State unaware of number of accessible buildings"
- "In the village of Ferraria eucalyptuses give rise to cork oaks to avoid fires"
- "Compensation to farmers with more wolf attacks lower in 2018"
- "Gaia, Esposende and Barcelos. Gang explodes three ATMs and stops police with fire extinguisher powder"
- "People. Ronaldo took advantage of his day off to see Alana Martina born"
- "Economy. Brussels warns that jobs created are low paid and not qualified"
- "National team. Gonçalo Paciência follows in his father's footsteps and joins the team"
- "Moto2. Miguel Oliveira took national anthem to the podium for the third time"

Jornal i:
- "António Costa also 'sponsored' dinner at the Pantheon"
- "Lages airbase. US left Terceira Island contaminated"
- "Luis Resina, astrologer. 'We have lost the tradition of looking at the sky'"
- "Vieira da Silva defeated by charitable institutions and parishes"
- "Budget allocates another €500 million to the National Health Service"
- "Jacques Séguéla: 'Only poetry can defeat Trump'"
- "CR4. Cristiano Ronaldo is a father for the 4th time"

- "PT victims prepare action against Haitong"
- "BES Bank in Switzerland claims €2 billion"
- "Tiago Farias. President of Carris .' Number of Carris lines will grow'"
- "Taxes. Land linked to retail will pay AIMI"
- "Who are the new managers of Altice?"
- "How to save up to €1,000 per year on loans"


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2017-11-14 09:03:07


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