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13 & 14 November, 2018

Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean

Barcelona Spain



Speech by Mr. George Penintaex, Secretary General of the

Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN)




Dear friends and colleagues,


I am very glad to be back in Barcelona and the headquarters of the Union fo the   Mediterranea (UfM) thi tim fo the   3rd    Meetin of Environmental Journalists from News Agencies in the Mediterranean.


The Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) accepted an invitation three years ago from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to support the network of environmental institutions and key media, and especially national news agencies in the Mediterranean. EFE news agency, a very active member-agency of AMAN, plays a vital role in this direction.


AMAN welcomes the fact that this meeting is hosted by UfM, a practical way of its strategy to support any initiative towards protecting the environment in the Mediterranean.


We congratulate UfM on its 10th  foundation anniversary and IUCN on its

70th anniversary.


It is very important that these two institutions have joined forces to cope with many and various environmental problems, anxieties and challenges and to launch new initiatives and strategies with an aim to consolidate cooperation.


We welcome key experts from various institutions and journalists from Mediterranean news agencies dealing with environmental issues.   They will address two main topics:  energy transition and the circular economy for plastics.


The national news agencies play a vital role in public awareness and we have to mobilize them, thus contributing to the consolidation of the network.


But we have to take into account the fact that the Mediterranean is a mosaic of peoples, nationalities, religious, languages, cultures and mentalities.  At the same time, we should not forget that there is a big gap between the North and the South on interests, approaches and policies.


We take note that the European Union implements special policies on environmental issues and any member-state which does not meet the targets is being punished.


It is very good to issue declarations and joint statements on special issues of common interest.  But what actually need, in my opinion, is to launch campaigns in each one of the Mediterranean countries, taking into account the very characteristics of each country and people.


We have to help each country to reach the minimum standards of protecting the environment. By this, we will reach the maximum of results in promoting ecological transition in the Mediterranean region.


With these thoughts, I wish every success in the two-day deliberations of environmental journalists from across the Mediterranean.






AFP appointing new managing director

Dalila Zein has been appointed as AFP's managing director, She is replacing Fabrice Lacroix. She will take up her post by October 1. Mr Lacroix has been the agency\s managing director since 2016.

Ms Zein is a graduate of EDHEC Business School. She began her career as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2000 she joined Lagardre Active (print media, radio/TV, audiovisual production and digital pure players with sales of nearly Euro 1 billion) as administrative controller in charge of magazines. She became the group's chief financial officer in 2014 and is a member of its executive committee.

AFP appointing new deputy global news director

Marc Braibant has been appointed AFP deputy global news director. He is succeeding Christophe Schmidt who is taking over as the agency's political editor.

Before becoming Montreal bureau chief in 2013, Marc Braibant was in charge of the design, development and deployment of the Iris editorial system for text. He was technical editor-in-chief between 2006 and 2011.

He joined AFP in 1988 and has held various economics reporting positions and worked in the Toulouse bureau before taking over as economics coordinator in the Washington bureau. He was head of the economics department from 2001 to 2006.

AFP photographer killed in Kabul

AFP Chief Photographer in Kabul, Shah Marai, was killed in Kabul on April 30 after rushing to the scene to cover an initial explosion in the Afghan capital. The second attack clearly targeted the press: eight other journalists were among the victims, AFP reported.

Shah Marai had worked for AFP since 1996, when he started as a driver and fixer. He later became a photographer, then head photographer.

AFP said the agency has received many messages of sympathy and condolences paying tribute to Shah Marai, who leaves behind six children including a daughter born only a few weeks ago. EANA President, Jonas Eriksson, said that once again we have been reminded about what a horrible price there can be for covering the news.

"This tragedy reminds us of the danger that our teams continually face on the ground and the essential role journalists play for democracy. Journalists were targeted by this attack. Our thoughts and our condolences go out to his family and the families of the other journalists killed," said AFP Chairman Fabrice Fries.

"It is with extreme sorrow that we learned this morning of Shah Marai's death. After the death of Sardar Ahmad in 2014, the Kabul bureau has again been struck by tragedy. I wish to express my deep condolences to Shah Marai's family and to all of the team at the Kabul bureau. Shah Marai was a great photographer and a wonderful person. AFP of course offers all its support to his family", said AFP's Global News Director Michle Lridon.

"We can only honour the strength, the courage and the generosity of a photographer who covered often traumatising events with sensitivity and professionalism," she added.

AFP expanding fact checking with Facebook

AFP announced that the agency is extending Facebook fact-checking collaboration to three more countries.

Canada, Indonesia and the Philippines will be added to existing collaboration in France, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The agency will produce fact-checking articles that will be made freely available via blogs. Some of these will be moved on AFP's wires.

"The blogs, in English, Spanish and Portuguese are based on the current French-language Factuel, a site dedicated to verifying and debunking false information spread online", the agency said in a press release. "AFP journalists fact check potentially false content and provide the necessary context where it is lacking. The contract includes the verification of images, an area in which AFP has particular expertise."

Under the agreement, AFP has full independence in choosing which content to verify. Links to its fact checks appear alongside original posts on Facebook. Some of the fact checks posted on the blog are also moved on AFP's text wire in a new format of stories with the attribute "FACTCHECK".


ANSA appointing new CEO

Stefano De Alessandri has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of ANSA. He is succeeding Giuseppe Cerbone who has left the agency to be CEO of Il Sole 24ORE Group.

Mr De Alessandri was born in Milan in 1959 and has a degree in economics from Milan's Bocconi University.

After starting his career at Publitalia, he joined the RCS Media Group in 1989 as Marketing Director and he later became Deputy General Manager of Magazines. He moved to Cond Nast as Deputy General Manager and in 2003 he took on the role of Managing Director and General Manager of Gruner + Jahr / Mondadori. In 2005, he moved to Hachette Rusconi, taking up the same position there. In 2010 he moved to Mondadori's magazines as Chief Executive Officer for Radio and International Activities of the group.

Between 2013 and 2018 he was a partner and MED Region board member at EY (Ernst & Young) and he held senior positions at media sector associations for ten years.


ATA signs cooperation agreement with Greek news agency ANA

The exchange of photos and news was on the focus of the cooperation agreement signed on Saturday between the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA) and the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) in Tirana.

The agreement was signed by the general director of ATA Armela Krasniqi and the general director of ANA Michalis Psilos.

ATA signs cooperation agreement with Bulgarian news agency BTA.

The Albanian Telegraphic Agency, ATA, and Bulgarian News Agency, BTA, signed on an agreement of cooperation on exchange of information from both countries.

TANJUG News Agency Director visits ATA for first time

The further increase of cooperation between the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) and the Serbian TANJUG News Agency was the main topic of the conversation during the meeting held today in Tirana between the ATA Director Armela Krasniqi and Director of the TANJUG News Agency Branka Djukic.

This was the first visit of Ms. Djukic to the ATA venues. Likewise, the heads of the two agencies discussed on exchange of news, videos and photos in different areas.

ATA and TANJUG are two of the oldest agencies in the Balkan region and have developed a bilateral cooperation for many years and that will continue with joint projects in the future.

ATA participates in EANA Spring Conference in Bucharest

ATA was represented in the EANA Spring Conference hosted by AGERPRES between 25-26 april 2018, in Bucharest, by Director General of ATA, Armela Krasniqi and journalist Gent Sinani.

The conference of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) was taking place for the first time in Bucharest, between 25-27 April, with the AGERPRES Romanian National News Agency being the co-organiser of the meeting.

The theme of the conference in Bucharest called "News Agencies and Changing Markets Strategies for Developing New Content," was debated by over 40 directors, CEOs and editors-in-chief of the EANA member news agencies.


CNA - New Board Chairman

The term in office of Mr. Larkos Larkou, as Board Chairman of the Cyprus News Agency has ended. The government appointed Mr. Iosif Iosif, an economist by profession and a press associate on economic issues, as the new CNA Board Chairman for the next three years



EFE  - Journalist Fernando Garea named as Spanish news agency EFE's new president

Madrid, Jul 27, (EFE).- Renowned Spanish journalist Fernando Garea on Friday became Spanish news agency EFE's new president after its board of directors unanimously approved his appointment.

Garea, who was born in Madrid in 1962, thus becomes EFE's 13th president, succeeding Jose Antonio Vera, who had been appointed in 2012.

"I believe in a journalism that is critical and I have always tried to abide by this principle," he said. "If at the end of my mandate somebody feels annoyed, I would like it to be the powers that be who are upset with me and not the opposition," Garea told a parliamentary hearing.

"I believe that is where the genuine essence of a public service media lies," he added.

The international agency's new president had been put forward by the Spanish government and on Wednesday his candidacy was approved by all political groups in Parliament.

Prior to his appointment, Garea had been deputy director of the online daily news service El Confidencial.

During the hearings, Garea defended a journalism that was critical of ruling power and made a plea in defense of journalistic dignity. He also expressed his intention to rejuvenate EFE's newsroom staff.

Apart from his time at El Confidencial, Garea had previously been a founding member of Spanish newspapers El Mundo and Publico, as well as being the parliamentary correspondent for leading newspaper El Pais.

He had also worked in radio as a guest panelist at Cadena Ser and at Radio Nacional de Espaňa, and also as a political pundit in mainstream TV channels such as Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro or CNN+ news programs.

Garea's top priorities during his EFE mandate are to reinstate the agency's Editorial Board "as soon as possible," promote an "ambitious and updated" gender equality scheme that facilitates women's access to senior positions and to ensure a balance between family life and work.

Garea's appointment became effective immediately after the approval of EFE's board. EFE/vmg/mrp/hh



SANA launches monthly awards for excellence for editors and photographers

SANA launched the monthly internal award of Excellent Journalist and Photographer for its editors and photographers, with the goal of improving the professional level of drafting reports and taking photos.

SANA holds training courses for university students

In cooperation with Damascus University and the Faculty of Media, SANA organized several training courses for journalism editing for students at the faculty. SANA has also held specialized media and journalism training courses for a number of its editorial staff.

SANA participates in ICNA conference held in Pakistan

SANA participated in the International Conference of News Agencies (ICNA) held in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, which revolved around the challenges facing the work of national news agencies with the rise of social media.

SANA broadcasts video reports

SANA began broadcasting video reports in the SANA Video page on its website (


SANA assigns correspondent in China

SANA assigned a local correspondent in the People's Republic of China.




Mr. George Penintaex, AMAN Secretary General and CNA Director, was invited and represented AMAN at the 3rd General Assembly of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA), hosted by MAP in Casablanca, between 14-15 December 2017.    

 Mr. Penintaex made the following address at the opening ceremony: 

 "It is a great honour for me to once again attend your General Assembly and have the chance to address this gathering.

 I convey the best of the wishes of the Mediterranean Alliance of News Agencies (AMAN) for a successful meeting and a productive discussion about problems, concerns, needs and challenges facing the member agencies of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA).

 I warmly congratulate MAP for hosting this gathering and for all initiatives taken by its President Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi to form this professional Alliance aimed to find solutions to problems and difficulties facing the FAAPA members and chart a map-road in the direction of development and progress.

Last year's promise to find a practical way towards this goal seems to acquire flesh and bones thanks to Mr. Idrissi's brilliant idea to approach the Union for the Mediterranean and its Director General Mr. Sijilmassi, a personal friend of Mr. Idrissi.

 A few days ago we visited Mr. Sijilmassi in Barcelona and had a fruitful discussion to organize a joint conference that will bring together representatives of all member-agencies from both Alliances, AMAN and FAAPA, at the level of CEO's, Directors General and Editors-in-Chief, one representative from each agency.  The languages of the conference will be English and French.

The Afro-Med Conference, as we will name it, is expected to take place in the week starting 16 April next year in Barcelona, where the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is based.

 The Afro-Med Conference will coincide with the 10th Anniversary of UfM, an organization which deals with Mediterranean affairs on different topics and areas of cooperation among the Mediterranean countries.

 The Afro-Med Conference will focus on one crucial issue that concerns Africa and Europe with the Mediterranean Sea to constitute a water bridge between the two continents.

 "Migration: A challenge or an opportunity".

 This will the subject of the Afro-Med Conference that is expected to shed some light on the parameters of migration: peace, security, climate, clash of civilizations, religions, cultures, ways of life, racism, hatred, xenophobia.

 Migration:  A bless or a curse, and for whom?

 Which are the sources that force people to look for a better life away from homes poverty, famine, civil wars?

 These are many questions that the Afro-Med Conference would deal with.

 Although the European countries give great emphasis on the problems created by migration and the European media make a big fuss, the real problems are far away.

 According to statistics by mid-2016 of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the top ten countries that had received refugees are: 

             Turkey: 2.8 million
Pakistan: 1.6 million
Lebanon: 1 million
Iran: 0.9 million
Ethiopia: 0.7 million
Jordan: 0.7 million
Kenya: 0.5 million
Uganda: 0.5 million
Germany: 0.4 million
Chad: 0.3 million

So, how the media and, in our case, how the national news agencies, cover those stories, how they can contribute to the solution of problems emanated from migration instead of raising the flame of hatred, racism and xenophobia.  Can we reach a common denominator on how to cover those stories?

Hopefully, we will see you all in Barcelona in April 2018.  Mr. Sijilmassi promised to find the necessary funds to accommodate us in Barcelona.

AMAN is ready to examine any ideas of cooperation and joint projects and programmes with FAAPA to the benefit of all member agencies of the two Alliances.

 Once again, I want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Idrissi and MAP for the excellent hospitality extended to all of us.

I wish every success in your deliberations.


Anadolu Agency marks anniversary of Macedonian service
Macedonian President Ivanov sends congratulatory message on service's second anniversary


Anadolu Agency celebrated the second anniversary of its Macedonian language service on Thursday.

The agency launched its Macedonian service on November 9, 2015 in capital Skopje.

It has so far produced 25,460 stories, 11,260 photo galleries and 6,060 videos from the Balkans, Turkey and the world, becoming one of the most important news sources in the region.

Macedonian President Gyorge Ivanov congratulated the service's second anniversary in a written message.



"The opening of Turkey's official news agency's Skopje office in 2015 is a demonstration of sincere friendship and mutual support between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey," he said.

"I wish that you will continue contributing to the enrichment of media services and setting an example with your professionalism," he added.

Anadolu Agency boasts 39 offices worldwide and produces news stories in 13 languages.

It currently posts news in Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Kurdish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (BCS), Russian, Albanian, Persian, Macedonian, Spanish and Indonesian.

Anadolu Agency, which has recently opened four new offices in Bogota, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, is one of the ten most influential agencies in the world.

With almost 100 years of experience and a strong network of correspondents in 97 countries, Anadolu Agency delivers over 1,190 news stories per day, averaging 1,900 images, and 310 videos to its subscribers worldwide.

Established during the first years of the Turkish War of Independence on April 6, 1920 as one of Turkey's first national institutions, Anadolu Agency is committed to expanding its news network and power around the world with new language services and central offices.









Athens News Agency president visits Anadolu Agency
Anadolu Agency Director-General and Board Chairman Senol Kazanci welcomes Athens News Agency's Michalis Psilos


By Nazli Yuzbasioglu and Hasan Tosun

Athens News Agency (ANA/MPA) President and General Director Michalis Psilos visited the headquarters of Anadolu Agency in capital Ankara on Thursday.

Anadolu Agency Director-General and Board Chairman Senol Kazanci welcomed Psilos at the agency's headquarters.
Anadolu Agency Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief, Metin Mutanoglu, and Deputy Director-General Mustafa Ozkaya also attended the meeting.

Psilos was accompanied by ANA/MPA's Turkey correspondent Andrea Rombopulos.

The meeting focused on cooperation opportunities between the news agencies of the two countries.


Anadolu Agency moves Middle East HQ to East Jerusalem
Anadolu Agency's Middle East Department Editorship to be directed from E. Jerusalem

04.01.2018 Kubra Chohan

Anadolu Agency's Middle East Department Editorship headquarters has been moved to East Jerusalem from Lebanese capital Beirut, the agency announced on Thursday.

Anadolu Agency decided to move the center of the Middle East News Desk to Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem after recent developments as it pursues its activities within the vision of being one of the most influential news agencies in the world.

The agency will continue to strengthen its Middle East operations in 2018, which will be directed from the holy city, the region's most important political and religious center.

The Middle East News Department Editorship -- working under the International News Department -- is broadcasting stories from offices in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen.

The holy city centered on the Middle East's agenda when U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, increasing the tension in the region, and when the Islamic Cooperation Organization's (OIC) adopted East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Middle East conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem -- occupied by Israel since 1967 -- might eventually serve as the capital of an independent Palestinian state.


Head of Yemen media center visits Anadolu Agency
Based in Istanbul, New Yemen Media Center hopes to become leading source for Yemen news coverage


Saleh al-Gabri, head of Istanbul-based New Yemen Media Center (L) AA Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu (R)

By Ali Abo Rezeg

Saleh al-Gabri, head of the Istanbul-based New Yemen Media Center, visited Anadolu Agency's Ankara headquarters on Monday, where he met with agency Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu.
Al-Gabri's visit was aimed at discussing means of enhancing cooperation between his media center and the Turkish news agency.

"We came here today to give a presentation about our media center in hopes of benefiting from Anadolu Agency's deep experience, particularly in terms of journalistic training," al-Gabri said.

"The visit also aims to foster a partnership with Anadolu Agency in various fields," he added.

Mutanoglu, for his part, thanked al-Gabri for his visit, expressing the agency's readiness to bolster cooperation with the Istanbul-based media center.

He also expressed the agency's willingness to provide training for Yemeni journalism students through the agency's war reporting training program.
Established four months ago, the New Yemen Media Center hopes to eventually become one of Turkey's leading sources for news coverage from Yemen.


Mongolian media team visits Anadolu Agency headquarters
Agency's Deputy Director-General Metin Mutanoglu welcomes delegation from Mongolian National Public Radio and Television


28.11.2017 Kubra Chohan Ankara

AA Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief Mutanoglu welcomed delegation chaired by MNB's Director General Rentsendorj at agency's headquarters.

By Ercan Canbolat

A delegation from Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB) visited Anadolu Agency's headquarters in capital Ankara on Tuesday.

Anadolu Agency Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu welcomed the delegation chaired by MNB's Director General Gandiimaa Rentsendorj at the agency's headquarters.

Rentsendorj, a graduate from Ankara's Gazi University in 2000, said she is in Turkey to attend "Turkey Again: Alumni Meeting", hosted by Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB).

Around 5,000 students from across the globe are awarded Turkish scholarships by the presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the sole authority to provide government scholarships to international students.

Anadolu Agency is one of world's 10 most influential news agencies. With 97 years of experience, it provides thousands of news articles, photos, videos, infographics, and statistics to people around the globe in 13 languages.



AFP code of ethics in Chinese

AFP published its code of ethics in Chinese. The code covers traditional journalistic values such as the importance of accuracy, balanced reporting and protection of sources along with guidelines on dealing with the challenges of the digital era including handling content uploaded to social networks, AFP said in a press release.

The Editorial Standards and Best Practices have earlier been published in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

AFP's global news director Michele Leridon said: "The code sets out the universally accepted principles that distinguish responsible media from the purveyors of fake news and disinformation."

Philippe Massonnet, AFP's Asia-Pacific director, said: "We believe that the AFP ethics guidelines will be useful for journalists, students and others involved in the media industry in China and other countries where Chinese is spoken."


AFP in partner agreement with Italian LaPresse

AFP announced a cooperation with Italian  news agency LaPresse. "Beginning next year, the LaPresse news agency will be able to distribute a large part of AFP's production over the entire Italian territory. Those products include several "wires" with text stories translated into Italian, including economic and financial news as well as coverage of the EU", AFP said in a press release.

"LaPresse will also provide some of its customers with AFP's news and photo archives service, the recipient of many prizes, as well as videos, in Italian, chosen within the constantly growing AFPTV output. Priority will go to content related to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East."

"Finally, LaPresse will also be able to redistribute AFP's live worldwide video service. LaPresse will also be able to provide support for AFP's multimedia coverage of Italy", the press release said.

The AFP release said LaPresse "provides more than 90 per cent of the Italian media market with its content.| It has bureaus in Milan, Rome and Turin,


Myanmar reporter gets AFP's Kate Webb Award

Reporter Mratt Kyaw Thu has been awarded the 2017 AFP Kate Webb prize for his coverage of ethnic strife in his native Myanmar.

The prize, Euro 3 000, honours journalists working in perilous or difficult conditions in Asia, and is named after a crusading AFP reporter who died in 2007, after a career covering the world's trouble spots including Afghanistan.

"Mratt Kyaw Thu, 27, was recognized for a series of articles focused on ethnic and religious conflict in Myanmar's Shan and Rakhine states in 2016 the latter a precursor to the exodus of nearly 650 000 Rohingya Muslims from Rakhine earlier this year", AFP said.

"The stories were published in the weekly English-language news magazine "Frontier", which has established a reputation for independent reporting in a country where rights groups say media freedoms have worsened, despite the installation of a civilian-led government last year."

"This award is recognition for me personally but also for the struggles of all Myanmar journalists, who are in a very difficult situation right now," Mratt Kyaw Thu said. "Friends are being arrested for doing their job. Myanmar journalists are being watched closely by the military and government it's worse than before," he said.


AFP announcing guidelines to improve presentation of women

New guidelines on coverage of violence against women and increased use of women expert sources are among topics included in a set of initiatives launched by AFP's Global News Director Michele Leridon. The aim is to improve the way women are represented in the agency's content.

To ensure that AFP content reflects social diversity is to be added to the agency's ethics charter, the document that outlines AFP's fundamental principles and ethical standards.

"Another new item will concern the coverage of violence against women in various parts of the world, with special emphasis on ensuring that coverage respects the victims of such violence."

The new stylebook, which is being finalised, will contain several sections relating to this topic. Clear rules will be established regarding the use of gender or gender-neutral forms in titles and occupations depending on the language, the coverage of domestic violence, the use of a broader range of sources with a greater emphasis on women experts and analysts and the need to exercise increased vigilance on social networks. The stylebook will also stipulate that descriptions of people's physical appearance and clothing, as well as references to their marital status, should not be applied only to women, AFP said in a press release.

"To facilitate the implementation of these measures, a training session on coverage of crimes will be organised, with a section dealing specifically with violence against women. A half-day awareness session on how women are represented in the media and a round table discussion at AFP with prominent women (experts in various fields, elected officials, etc.) are also planned."

 "These measures should increase women's visibility, both quantitatively and qualitatively," said Ms Lridon.


AFP in EU high-level group against disinformation

A Europe-wide expert group on combatting fake news has been appointed by the EU Commission and recently had its first meeting. Among members of The High-Level Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation are AFP's Grgoire Lemarchand, Deputy Global Editor-in-Chief and Social Networks Editor and Reuters Institute Director of Research, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen.

The group will present its recommendations before the spring. The task force comprises 39 members. They include representatives of civil society (Reporters Without Borders, Wikimedia); European news organisations (RTL, Mediaset, Sky News, among others); academics; and technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.


ANSA launching Industry 4.0 website

ANSA launched a specialised website "Industry 4.0" saying it will support Italian companies' digital innovation -

"Created to support the intergovernmental platform and to promote digital culture, Industry 4.0 provides a dedicated multiplatform news flow, giving visibility to areas of excellence and "virtuous" companies, with international breath and visibility."

 "Industry 4.0 is structured with theme sections and interviews to highlight various aspects of Italian industry and its developments; innovation, multimedia language and communication ensure that cases and issues addressed have high impact visibility."


ANSA choosing Superdesk

 ANSA has chosen Superdesk as its digital newsroom system, Sourcefabric said in a press release. "ANSA has chosen the Superdesk platform for its flexibility and API-centric structure, to support effectively the evolution of our editorial and business strategy. Superdesk handles production at scale, which is especially important in today's always-on news environment," Angelo Marrara, ANSA's Chief Technology Officer, was quoted in the release.

 "A modular, extensible approach to software tools is essential in the face of ongoing disruption in the media business," said Sava Tatić, Sourcefabric's Managing Director. "News organisations with this flexibility will be in a position to survive and thrive."


ANSA signing international agreements

ANSA announced agreements on cooperation with Chinese Xinhua and United Arab Emirates news agency WAM. ANSA said the agreements represent a further consolidation of the agency's internationalisation strategy in key geographic areas.


CNA to acquire new management system

The Cyprus News Agency (CNA) has signed an agreement with the Athens Technology Center (ATC) to install the newsasset agency platform 
to cover its day-to-day news management and editorial activities, as well as their commercial exploitation through subscription services.

The newsaset platform will support the Agency`s news management and distribution process as a whole, while at the same time streamlining all internal workflows.

 At the same time, through this collaboration, CNA will enjoy ATC's long-standing research and business expertise into the media industry, gaining access to high-level consulting services, state-of-the-art technology and trade alliances.

Newsasset platform has also been selected by the News Agencies of Portugal, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and of other major publishing organizations. The platform also stood as the main back-end system used by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency to address the 2004 Olympic Games challenge.

 CNA Director George Penintaex said "with the newsasset we have found an integrated platform capable of supporting all our activities so far, simplifying the production processes while at the same time providing us with opportunities for expansion and new commercial activity. We believe that this cooperation will cover not only the current needs of CNA, but will also strengthen the dominant role of the Cyprus Agency in the field of media in Cyprus."

 ATC General Manager Giannis Kliafas expressed satisfaction with signing this agreement, stating that "the new collaboration confirms ATC`s extensive experience in media industry, with specially designed content management and distribution solutions, which news agencies and publishing organizations of international prestige trust. "


CNA hosts conference to address fake news

Following the hosting of a Conference on "Fake News: Phenomenon of manipulation in the modern world" in November2017, in cooperation with the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus and other Cypriot organisations, the Cyprus News Agency organised a meeting on which ways this phenomenon could be tackled with.

The Athens Technology Center (ATC), an international software vendor, presented the "Truly Media" a collaborative tool that helps users evaluate the validity level of user generated content that is distributed and shared via various social networks.  

The CNA meeting was attended by key figures of the island's media industry, including representatives from the Union of Journalists, the Radio-Television Authority, the Press and Information Office, the media Complaints Commission, the Office for the Protection of Individual Data, the Cyprus Police, local universities and other organisations.   

"Truly Media" is the result of cooperation between the ATC, which coupled its extensive industry-related experiences with state-of-the-art content aggregation and analysis technology, along with Deutsche Welle's expertise in contemporary industry needs. The two companies joined forces in order to address the fake news phenomenon. The "Truly Media" was successfully implemented during the recent elections in Germany.

"Truly Media" lets journalists verify information found in social media, in real time. They can select the most important items for their story, and verify each item individually completing a verification checklist with the help of integrated third-party verification tools. This can be done within a single newsroom, across different media companies, or together with individual journalist working anywhere in the world. 


UfM, AMAN set to promote cooperation on key issues in Mediterranean space

The Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) reaffirmed their determination to promote cooperation on key issues in the Mediterranean Space, notably migration.

This came in a meeting held on November 23, 2017, at the UfM headquarters in Barcelona, between secretary-general of the Union, Fathallah Sijilmassi, and Managing Director of Morocco's News Agency (MAP), chairman of AMAN, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, in the presence of secretary-general of the Alliance, Georgios Pennintaex.

Sijilmassi described as "very productive" the meeting, which was an opportunity to commend the intensity of the collaboration already initiated between the two parties and to reflect on a joint action plan and common initiatives for 2018 and beyond.

For his part, Hachimi Idrissi said that "AMAN and the UfM have chosen to work together on the issue of migration between North and South, knowing that this is a matter of common interest which should be managed with a collective intelligence and a solidarity approach."

He also noted that Morocco, which is the current president of AMAN, has proposals to make in relation to migration issues, given that it has a sustainable, recognized and respectful approach to human rights in this area.


Courtesy visit: Hachimi Idrissi receives Russian ambassador

Managing Director of Morocco's news agency (MAP), Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, received, on November 20, 2017 at the Agency's headquarters, Russia's ambassador to Morocco, Valery Vorobiev. This courtesy visit was an opportunity to highlight the exemplary relationship between MAP and ITAR-TASS, one of the leading news agencies in Russia renamed TASS since 2014.

Indeed, the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two news agencies in 1998 marked the start of a fruitful collaboration that has enabled successful exchanges.

After highlighting the brotherly ties between Morocco and Russia, Mr. Vorobiev reiterated his invitation to Mr. Hachimi Idrissi to visit Russia to bring broader prospects for cooperation.

For his part, Mr. Hachimi asked that discussions be held on a communication program on the occasion of the 2018 Football World Cup. The proposition was received with enthusiasm by the Russian diplomat.



MAP-EFE: Cooperation and synergies

Managing Director of Morocco's news agency (MAP) Khalil Hachimi Idrissi held, on November 8, 2017, in Madrid, a working meeting with president of Spanish news agency EFE Jos Antonio Vera Gil on the means to reinforce cooperation and synergy between the two bodies.

EFE and MAP, two news agencies bound by a shared history, are driven by a strong will to explore new ways of cooperation that would be beneficial for both parties, said Vera Gil on this occasion.

EFE and MAP are keen to explore mutually beneficial new avenues of cooperation, he added. These include the sharing of services, the dissemination in Latin America of information on Morocco in Spanish and those of Spain in French in Africa, he said.

Hachimi Idrissi said that the meeting seeks to promote ties between MAP and EFE to match relations between Morocco and Spain, adding that this is a common ambition that the two sides are determined to achieve.

The top priority project which is being discussed is linked to implementing an editorial system that would help the two agencies reinforce their services in the Spanish language for MAP and in French for EFE, he added.

Hachimi Idrissi also underlined the importance of developing cooperation in the field of pictures.

Relations between the two news agencies go back to 1978, when the first agreement between the two bodies was signed.



Cooperation: Spanish Ambassador Pays A Courtesy Visit to MAP

Managing Director of Morocco's news agency MAP, Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, received, on Thursday, October 26 at the agency's headquarters in Rabat, Spain's ambassador to Morocco, Mr. Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner Rodriguez, who paid a courtesy visit to the agency.

During this meeting, the two sides held a working session and discussed several national and international issues, including the Catalan crisis.

In this regard, the Spanish diplomat, who was accompanied by Jos Snchez-Crespo Madrazo, director of the Communication's office at the Spanish embassy, commended Morocco's "fair" response to political tensions in the Spain.

He also hailed the professionalism shown by MAP's journalists in dealing with this issue.

Discussions focused on cooperation between MAP and the Spanish news agency EFE, as well as the means to strengthen relations between the two agencies on the eve of the visit that MAP's managing director will pay to Madrid in early November.


FAAPA Seminar's Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony for FAAPA computer scientists who participated in the training seminar on the digital transformation of African news agencies was held on October 13th, 2017, in Rabat.

Director of Communication and Cooperation at Morocco's news agency (MAP), Rachid Tijani, said that the training seminar was an opportunity to learn, to exchange, to build new friendships and to open up new experiences.

He also lauded the steadfast commitment of FAAPA's President Khalil Hachimi Idrissi for developing cooperation between the countries of the region.
For his part, FAAPA Secretary General Mohamed Aniss hailed the active participation of participants who showed a particular interest in digital transformation, and welcomed the creation of a network dedicated to African news agencies' computer scientists.

MAP's Director of Information, Rachid Mamouni, praised the initiatives implemented by FAAPA and its president, who seeks to strengthen cooperation and coordination between African news agencies, highlighting the importance of the task of computer scientists.

This meeting has put computer scientists at the heart of the digital transformation of African news agencies and helped them acquire new knowledge in the field, director of MAP's information systems, Bachir Chahid-Hicham, said.

Fifteen countries took part in the training seminar, namely Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cape Verde, Central Africa, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo.


Information systems are a mainstay of a successful news agency: Hachimi Idrissi

Information and communication systems are now at the heart of every powerful news agency, said on October, 9th, 2017, in Rabat president of the Atlantic Federation of African News Agencies (FAAPA), Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi.

"Information systems managers have never been given such a prominent place in organizations, a fact they must be aware of in order to fully play their role," said Hachimi Idrissi, who is also the Managing Director of Morocco's news agency MAP at the opening of a training seminar for computer scientists from the FAAPA news agencies, organized under the theme "The digital transformation of African news agencies".

Social networks do almost the same job as news agencies, sometimes more quickly, but often with poor quality, he pointed out, noting that "even if these new information media succeed into impacting public opinion, the agency must deliver the information first and professionally."

The task of information systems managers is strategic because when information systems are working well, it is the whole agency that reaps the benefits, he said, adding that the quality of the product offered by a news agency largely depends on its information systems which include efficient servers, operational databases and a network that allows a smooth and efficient communication.

"Among all the objectives targeted by FAAPA, that of training gives us the most satisfaction," he added, while inviting participants to create a network to capitalize on this meeting.


MAP-TV: Oriental Pole Unit Launched

Managing Director of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP), Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, launched, on October 24, 2017, in Oujda, the MAP-TV production unit of the Oriental regional pole, thereby reaffirming the multimedia commitment of the agency, a leading national media actor, through its clear and well-defined strategy that draws the outlines of a 21st century news agency.

The launching ceremony was marked by the presence of the Wali of the Oriental region, governor of the Oujda-Angad prefecture, Mouad El Jamai, and director general of the Oriental Development Agency, Mohamed Mbarki.

"This is a great day as the diversification of MAP products has reached an extremely important and strategic level for our agency," Hachimi Idrissi told MAP, adding that the agency intends to cover activities in the region through various supports and to support advanced regionalization".






Anadolu Agency's fourth Istanbul Photo Awards contest start accepting applications today.

 In the fourth year of the contest, the $3,000 "Young Photographer" award will be given to a winner under the age of 28; a separate $10,000 award will be given to the Single News 1st prize winner of the "Photo of the Year" award; winners in each other categories will be given $8,000 for first prize, $5,000 for the second and $3,000 for the third. The results of the contest will be announced by the end of March next year.

Photography professionals may submit their works in 10 categories. Earlier, the contest consisted of single news, story news, single sports, story sports, single nature & environment, story nature & environment, single portrait and story portrait categories but in 2018, two new categories would be added, including single daily life and story daily life.

In the meantime, the sixth exhibition of Istanbul Photo Awards 2017 will be held at Red October Gallery in Moscow between 9-19 November 2018.


Applicaitons will be accepted untill 31 January 2018, via

Please do not hesitate to use the related news at the link:


Turkey's Anadolu Agency opens Beijing office

Launch of new office in Beijing comes as part of landmark expansion in Asia-Pacific region

BEIJING - Anadolu Agency on Monday opened its office in Beijing, China's capital, in line with its goal of becoming one of the world's most influential news agencies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mustafa Ozkaya, deputy director-general of Anadolu Agency, said the Beijing office will make a significant contribution to the agency's global vision.

"With the [opening of the Beijing office, we have completed one of the most important expansions of Anadolu Agency's structure in the Asia-Pacific region," Ozkaya said.

He drew attention to the importance of reporting objective and unbiased news from the world's second largest economy and important political actor, China.

Speaking about the One Belt-One Road initiative launched under the Chinese President Xi Jinping, which aims to connect more than a dozen European cities with China via Turkey, Ozkaya said the agency will maintain the historic friendship between Turkey and China which began with trade through the ancient Silk Road.

"We celebrated the 94th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey yesterday. We are pleased to open our Beijing office today following such great celebrations," he added.

Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Anadolu Agency delegation briefed guests about the agency's global structure and the languages in which it publishes news.

The guests also received copies of the Istanbul Photo Awards 2017 and the FETO Coup Attempt, both published by the news agency.

The ceremony was attended by the agency's Board of Directors Muhammet Salih Demirkan and Ali Turker Pirtini, International Operations Director Ural Yesil and Teoman Uykur, undersecretary at the Turkish Embassy in Beijing.

Yen Vinbin, international news director of China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency, underlined the importance of cooperation with Anadolu Agency.

He read out a message by the Xinhua News Agency Head Say Mingaco who congratulated Senol Kazanci, the chairman of the board and director-general of Anadolu Agency.

Yen said Mingaco believes Anadolu Agency's Beijing office will positively contribute to bilateral relations between the two countries.

Pirtini told Anadolu Agency: "We aim to bring the Turkish and Chinese people close to each other through the news we report from Beijing." As part of its global expansion, Anadolu Agency last week launched its news services in the Indonesian and Spanish languages after opening offices in the Indonesian capital Jakarta and the Colombian capital Bogota. The agency also opened an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last week. It plans to open another office in Pakistan by the end of this year.

Reporting by Tevfik Durul: Writing by Merve Aydogan


Anadolu Agency opens Malaysia office

Turkish news agency opens office in Kuala Lumpur as part of landmark expansion in Asia-Pacific region

KUALA LUMPUR - Anadolu Agency on Saturday opened its office in Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in line with its goal of becoming one of the world's most influential news agencies.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Anadolu Agency's Deputy Director-General Mustafa Ozkaya said the Malaysian office will make a 'significant contribution' to Anadolu Agency's global vision.

"With the opening of our office in China early next week, our structuring in the Asia-Pacific region will be further strengthened," he added.

Ozkaya said the agency continues to set-up offices in all regions, adding that an office in Pakistan will soon be also launched.

On Oct. 23, the agency launched a news service in Indonesian and opened its Pacific Central Office in the capital Jakarta, and on Thursday it launched its 13th language service -- Spanish -- in Colombia.

Ozkaya highlighted the agency will provide news to the countries in their own languages and in Turkish to spread the international news and Turkey's agenda to the world.

"By these means, Anadolu Agency will reach its global vision on its 100th anniversary," he said.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ali Turker Pirtini, a member of Anadolu Agency's Board of Directors said the opening of the office in Malaysia, is important for both the region and Turkey.

"At this point, I think our offices in the region will provide a great contribution to the regional media," he added.

Salih Demirkan, another member of Anadolu Agency's Board of Directors, said that the agency is expanding its news network by opening offices in the Pacific region and Latin America.

Currently posting news in Turkish, English, Arabic, French, the Kurdish dialects of Kurmanji and Sorani, Russian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS), Albanian, Persian, and Macedonian, Anadolu Agency is considered among the most active news agencies in the world.

With its 97 years of experience and a strong network of correspondents in 86 countries, Anadolu Agency delivers over 1,384 news per day, an average of 4,000 images, 400 videos, and 6 infographics to its subscribers worldwide.

Established during the first years of the Turkish War of Independence on April 6, 1920 as one of Turkey's first national institutions, Anadolu Agency will expand its news network and power around the world with the new language services and central offices.

Reporting by Adem Salvarcioglu; Writing by Meryem Goktas


Anadolu Agency launches Spanish-language service

Colombia's deputy foreign minister, Anadolu Agency's deputy director-general participate in Bogota opening ceremony

BOGOTA, Colombia - Anadolu Agency (AA) officially launched its 13th broadcast-language service -- Spanish -- in a ceremony attended by Colombian Deputy Foreign Minister Patti Londono Jaramillo in Bogota.

A number of distinguished guests attended the ceremony, including: Engin Yurur, Turkey's ambassador to Bogota; Metin Mutanoglu, Anadolu Agency's deputy director-general and editor-in-chief; Azerbaijan's ambassador to Bogota Ramil Farzaliyev; Palestine's ambassador to Bogota Rauf Malki; and Juan Guillermo Castro Benetti, head of the European Directorate at the Foreign Ministry of Colombia.

Londono, who made the opening speech at the ceremony, began his address with the words "Good evening" in Turkish. "I think we will all slowly begin to learn Turkish," he said.

Stating they were striving hard to develop relations with Turkey and that both sides are willing to do so, Londono said:

"Not only because we have the best Spanish, but also because we have wonderful journalists and advanced journalism, you are in the country that you are supposed to be in.

"The representatives of Anadolu Agency -- you have made the right decision. This decision you have made is not only to follow Colombia, but all Latin America and Spain."

Londono expressed his gratitude, in the name of Colombia, to Anadolu Agency for choosing Bogota as its Spanish-language broadcasting center after Turkey's efforts in Colombia through its embassy and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).

Londono ended his speech with "thank you" in Turkish.

'Truth, impartiality, democracy and peace'
Engin Yurur, Turkey's ambassador to Bogota, said Anadolu Agency is one of the most established and experienced agencies in the world.

Stating that Anadolu Agency has been benefiting from the latest technology and has been engaging in modern work, Yurur said: "I am sure that Anadolu Agency will do great work in Colombia. Mr. Mutanoglu, I congratulate you on your decision and thank you for your efforts."

Anadolu Agency's deputy director-general and editor-in-chief spoke of the fact that that his decision was influenced by Colombia's Spanish having the language's most natural accent.

Mutanoglu said the agency is active in all parts of the world, and aimed to reach almost 600 million people through the Spanish language, and well as carrying the voice of Anatolian people to this region.

"Values such as truth, impartiality, democracy and peace are very important to us," Mutanoglu said. "We want to convey our messages of peace and love to all humanity."

Noting that Anadolu Agency had put human beings at the center of its publishing policy, Mutanoglu said he would focus on these issues in Colombia and Latin America, just as the agency does everywhere else.
Mutanoglu also said the reasons for choosing Colombia to broadcast in Spanish were not only because it is a rising star in the region, but also because of the efforts of Turkish Airlines and TIKA.

At the ceremony where the activities of Anadolu Agency and the Spanish-language service were presented, many senior media representatives including Mucahit Muhammed Soykan, the agency's director of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, and Persian-language Editor Hikmet Gok participated.

Reporting by Lokman Ilhan:Writing by Kubra Chohan



Anadolu Agency launches service in Indonesian

In landmark move, Anadolu Agency becomes only international news agency to run news service in Indonesian

By Mahmut Atanur and Ainur Rohmah

JAKARTA - In a landmark expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, Anadolu Agency launched a news service in Indonesian and opened its Pacific Central Office in Jakarta on Monday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Anadolu Agency Deputy Director-General Mustafa Ozkaya said Anadolu Agency is the only international news agency to run a news service in Indonesian.

Ozkaya said Indonesia is a priority country for Anadolu Agency with its population of more than 260 million and its critical location in the Asia-Pacific region.

"We are ready to spread Indonesia's news to the world with our experienced global network of correspondents and photojournalists," Ozkaya said.
He added that Turkey and Indonesia should increase and strengthen bilateral ties, adding that running an Indonesian news service is a great step towards this end.

Ozkaya said Anadolu Agency's Pacific Central Office in Jakarta will help build a bridge between Turkey, Indonesia, and the greater region.

"We are quite excited to be here and starting doing news in Indonesian. Starting today, we believe with all our heart that friendship ties between Turkey and Indonesia will strengthen in all parts of life," he stressed.

High interest from Indonesian media
For her part, Rosarita Niken, director general for public information and communications at Indonesia's Communications and Information Technology Ministry, said Anadolu Agency's Indonesian service will help build better ties between Turkey and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Anadolu Agency Indonesia bureau chief Dandy Koswaraputra said the Jakarta office started work this July. With a crew of 20 journalists spread across Jakarta, Ankara, and Istanbul, it produces about 50 news stories and scores of photos and videos daily.

Koswaraputra said the Indonesian media are showing great interest in Anadolu Agency's Indonesian news service, adding that they have already attracted 10 subscribers from various media organs.

The office in the capital as part of Anadolu Agency's Pacific presence serves both as the central office in the region and is home to the Bahasa Indonesian News Desk.

A total of 16 people work at the Indonesian desk, including one editor, two publishers, two translators, nine correspondents, one cameraman, and one administrative assistant.

There also two Indonesians based in Ankara translating Turkish stories into Indonesian.

The Indonesian desk produces some 700-1,000 news articles a month, mostly on politics, terrorism, defense, culture/lifestyle, and regional issues.

There are also 30 freelance reporters in the region that provide Anadolu Agency with photographs and videos.

The main reason for establishing an Indonesian desk is to convey the reality and truth about Turkey to counter biased news stories published by other media outlets.

Multilingual agency
Since its establishment in 1920, Anadolu Agency has reported in a host of languages besides Turkish, including English, Arabic, Russian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, French, Kurdish-Sorani, Kurdish-Kurmanchi, Persian, Albanian, Spanish, and Macedonian.

The Indonesian language news service became the 12th language service. At the same time, Anadolu Agency is also preparing for the launch of the 13th language service, Spanish, on Thursday.

Currently, Anadolu Agency has 1,694 subscribers from 45 countries. It has offices in more than 40 cities worldwide, with journalist representatives in 97 countries and employees of 74 nationalities.

Anadolu Agency is one of world's 10 most influential news agencies. With 97 years of experience, it provides thousands of news articles, photos, videos, infographics, and statistics to people around the globe.

*Fatih Hafiz Mehmet also contributed to this story from Ankara.


Istanbul Photo Awards is 'top-notch': Pulitzer winner
New York Times senior photojournalist says Anadolu Agency exhibit at UN 'reflects the state of photojournalism'

By Betul Yuruk

NEW YORK - Anadolu Agency's international photograph competition is a world class international contest, according to an award-winning senior New York Times photojournalist.

"Istanbul Photo Awards is a top-notch international competition," James Estrin told Anadolu Agency during his visit to an exhibition of a sample of the 2017 winners that are on display at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Estrin, who was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2001, was impressed by the quality and scope of the exhibition.

"It reflects the state of photojournalism in general in the world," he said.
"The thing that strikes me most is the photo-essays, deeper story-telling and several of the photos have one and also part of the other stories," he added.

The exhibit highlights the works of 22 winners in this year's competition that received approximately 25,000 submissions.

The Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations helped open the exhibition that is sponsored by Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.

It is the second consecutive year the exhibit has been held at the UN headquarters and the third straight year Anadolu Agency has organized the contest.

Hosted by Anadolu Agency Deputy Director General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu and Saban Kizildag, the deputy chairman of Anadolu's Executive Board, the exhibition will run until Oct. 27.

Works highlighted include Fleeing Daesh, the Photo of the Year award snapped by French photographer Frederic Lafargue for the weekly news magazine Paris Match.

Aris Messinis's Death in the Mediterranean for Agence France-Presse and Adam Pretty's photograph Below the Surface, taken for Getty Images in the sports category, were also included.

A spotlight was also shined on Hosam Salem, a freelance photojournalist in Gaza who received the Young Photojournalist Award for his work, Street Training in Gaza.


2017 Istanbul Photo Awards exhibition opens in Moscow
Award-winning images on display from Nov. 9-19

By Emre Gurkan Abay

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency opened the sixth exhibition of photographs from its 2017 Istanbul Photo Awards on Thursday in Moscow.

Ninety award-winning images are on display at the Red October Gallery on Bersenevskiy Lane between Nov. 9-19.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was hosted by Anadolu Agency's Visual News Editor-in-Chief, Ahmet Sel.

Speaking during the event, Sel said Russia is one of the countries with the highest number of submissions for the contest.

"So we are very pleased to hold one of our exhibitions this year in Moscow," Sel said.

The last exhibition was at UN headquarters in New York.

Sel said they received about 25,000 submissions this year.

"During the contest's three-year period, 22 photojournalists from 17 different countries were awarded $133,000. Many Russian photojournalists also won prizes," he said.

Applications for the 2018 Istanbul Photo Awards are being accepted from Nov. 1 until Jan. 31, 2018.

There are 10 categories, including Single News and Story News, Single Sports and Story Sports, Single Portrait and Story Portrait, Single Nature & Environment and Story Nature & Environment.



AFP Data is described as a new data-driven editorial ecosystem. The project has three components:

Creating original datasets with high editorial added value.

Making these datasets - generated by AFP, its partners or AFP-selected open-data sources available to newsrooms via Api or by downloading using the OpenDataSoft platform.

Using these datasets to automatically or semi-automatically produce live news content.

"The reach of data journalism within media organisations is still limited. Newsrooms lack the time and resources needed to search for relevant data. At the same time, fact-checking, contextualisation, multiplication of sources and transparency are key factors in media organisations' credibility in the era of post-truth and information overload," AFP said.

"AFPData aims to stimulate data journalism within AFP and its clients' newsrooms by making original, reliable, selected and indexed datasets easily accessible. Our project also includes automated and semi-automated use of enriched data to produce and monetize new types of content."

"The project brings together Agence France-Presse, automated text specialist Syllabs, data optimisation platform OpenDataSoft and Laptop user experience (UX) designers."


AFP, ANSA and dpa launching European Data News Hub
AFP, ANSA and dpa announced that their joint service European Data News Hub (EDNH) is now online at The joint venture, which receives a subsidy from the European Commission, was announced a couple of months ago. In the future, specialists in data journalism and other European news agencies will be invited to contribute to the EDNH, AFP said
"Media can download text stories in five languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) plus infographics, videos and photos, with content based on facts and figures, investigations and statistical research", AFP said when the site was launched.

"The EDNH is an interactive platform and we encourage feedback from the public via the site and on social media in a bid to inform and stimulate debate on the issues that people across Europe are talking about."
Datenfreunde GmbH (OpenDataCity) runs the website and will provide data on trending news and topics and media are invited to upload their tools onto their own websites.

The project, which receives a subsidy from the European Commission, has complete editorial independence as spelled out in its editorial charter, AFP said.

The EDNH content is distributed by the three agencies to their clients.


AFP renewing Jiji agreement

AFP and Japanese Jiji Press announced a renewed agreement on cooperation. The agencies have been partners for more than 60 years. The agreement gives the Japanese agency exclusive right to sell certain content in Japan for the next four years.

"We are particularly pleased to continue our partnership with Jiji beyond the Tokyo Olympics of 2020'', said AFP CEO Emmanuel Hoog. "This new agreement also offers AFP the possibility of strengthening its presence in all markets in Japan, especially photo and video''.

Until 2021, Jiji will have exclusive rights to distribute text, photo and graphics to the Japanese government and institutions as well as to traditional media, with the exception of television broadcasters.

Via its Japanese subsidiary Creative Link Corp., AFP will also distribute multimedia, photo and video products to the major Japanese internet portals and television networks.

AFP's sales in Asia represent more than 20 per cent of the agency's international total outside of France, and grew by four per cent in Japan in 2016, AFP said in a press release.

AFP announcing solution for faster photo transmission
AFP announced the agency will generalizing live transmission of photos through the Aviwest transmitter. First event will be the 2018 Tour de France.

For the past two years, AFP and Aviwest, a global provider of video transmission systems for live on-the-go applications, have been working together to adapt the technology to photographic transmission, AFP said in a press release.

"The first large-scale test was successfully conducted during the Tour de France in 2017, with this technological innovation now allowing AFP photographers to use 3G/4G mobile networks to send real-time images of the race directly from their motorcycles, even on the move."

The agency said, the solution uses up to eight 3G/4G modems simultaneously to allow automated transmission of photos three to four times faster than before, when network coverage is present.



CNA launches Arabic service
The Cyprus News Agency (CNA) has since 1 September 2017 launched a service in the Arabic language.

This is the fourth service provided by CNA (as it already files news in Greek, Turkish and English).

It is an open, free of charge, service, with an aim to bring Cyprus closer to the Arab world and vice-versa.

CNA believes that the launch of the Arabic service would certainly contribute to the further deepening and enhancement of the existing friendly relations between CNA and Arabic language news agencies.

The aim of CNA's new effort is to bring Cyprus closer to the Arab world, in their language directly. At the same time, bilateral agreements for cooperation, which CNA has signed with Arab news agencies, will be utilised, on a non-commercial basis.

News in Arabic appears on CNA's website:


"MAP Screen" information wall renewed
Morocco's News Agency (MAP) has recently renewed its "MAP Screen" information wall, which it launched in 2014.

The installation of the new screen, which demonstrates MAP willingness to make the most of the available technologies, aims to improve the quality of display of information, photos and videos broadcast on this flagship communication tool of the agency's digital policy.

With a dimension of 7.68m x 4.096m, the new LED Outdoor SMD P10 giant screen presents four main characteristics: a perfect homogeneity of the image being monitored, a better visibility in full sun, much more natural colors and an identical screen brightness at the front as well as on the sides.

Citizen journalism: Hachimi Idrissi highlights the role of public authorities
President of the Atlantic Federation of African New Agencies (FAAPA), Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, underlined on September 22 in Abidjan the role of public authorities in accompanying any agency so that it can challenge "citizen journalism".

Answering a question at a forum organized by the Ivorian Press Agency, the FAAPA president said that citizen journalism has nothing to do with journalism let alone citizenship, as long as it is ruled by a frantic race to clicks and scoops.

"The transition of news agencies would have been less painful if we were accompanied by public authorities," he said.

However, Mr. Hachimi Idrissi said he was optimistic about the future of wire service reporter, provided that news agencies coalesce in groups and professional associations to jointly tackle the major challenges faced.

Commenting FAAPA's main missions, he said that "the Federation is a platform for exchange and sharing of experiences, good practices and obstacles encountered by the member agencies".


Children of MAP Staff visit England
Several children of the staff of Morocco's News Agency (MAP) benefited from a language stay in England.

This initiative, the third of its kind which benefited to the brightest students, aims to encourage young people to master the English language, discover student life in England and its educational system and learn more about the academic courses offered by British universities.

"We have benefited from both an educational and tourist stay," Mohamed Hanchi, one of the beneficiaries of the trip, told MAP upon his arrival at Rabat-Sal airport, expressing "his gratitude to the agency for this commendable initiative ".

In a similar statement, Fatima Zahra Shimi said she had "good times" thanks to the agency that enabled them to take advantage of this "landmark experience".

The program included a number of cultural and artistic activities, including intensive English courses, meetings, a river cruise on the Thames as well as visits to tourist sites and some British universities.

During the visit, the children visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and Hyde Park.
This language stay was organized by MAP Foundation, which is in charge of the Agency's social services.


MAP holiday camp organized in favour of children of MAP staff: An initiative to inculcate the values of citizenship
The activities of the holiday camp organized by the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) in Tangier for the benefit of the children of its staff took place in an atmosphere combining entertainment and learning and aimed at inculcating the values of citizenship.

The colony, which ended on August 18th, was attended by 58 children aged between 6 and 14, including 23 girls, as well as 20 specialized pedagogical staff in charge of supervising and animating the camp under the supervision of a qualified staff of MAP Foundation.

Several workshops were organized in order to develop the children's talents and abilities.

The program included several educational, tourism and artistic activities, said Taoufik Mirhiz, Pedagogical Director of the camp, noting that these activities illustrate the slogan of the colony "citizenship: Education, behavior and practice".

Horse Week: Taissir Kadiri Wins MAP Dressage Prize
Taissir Kadiri, riding "Welcome to Dance", won on July 4, 2017, at the Equestrian and Tboburida Sports Complex Dar Essalam in Rabat Morocco's News Agency (MAP) Dressage Prize, in the framework of the Horse Week.

Kadiri won the prize with a total of 65.70%, ahead of Jenny Guerraoui, who was riding "Canou" (65.10%). The third place went to Abderazak Anouti, riding "Sir Pleasure" (62.82%).


AMAN: MAP innovates in terms of events
On the occasion of the 26th General Assembly of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN), Morocco's news agency (MAP) brought together 16 member agencies on July 3-6, 2017, in Agadir.

The city was chosen for its rich cultural heritage as well as its tourist appeal.
Participants greatly appreciated the richness of the program set up, as well as the relevance of the issues discussed during the general assembly held on July 5 and during the seminar held the day before under the theme "The challenge of the news agencies facing the predominance of social networks". Indeed, many speakers from different fields gave their perspective on the subjects, thus paving the way for a constructive debate.

The undeniable success of this event is the result of a meticulous organization that was hailed by all the participants via warm letters of thanks received after the event.


Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies Holds General Assembly in Agadir

The 26th General Assembly of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) was held on July 4-5, 2017, in Agadir. The meeting kicked off with a seminar on news agencies mutations faced with the challenges of social networks.

Speaking at the opening of this two-day meeting, held in the presence of the directors-general and representatives of the various agencies in the Mediterranean region, Managing Director of Morocco's News Agency (MAP), Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, said that the seminar tackles challenges facing the news agencies in a universe marked by the digital revolution and the explosion of the informational offer.

In the second day of the meeting, AMAN awarded the best News Item and best Photo on migratory crisis.

The Best News Item Award went to Portuguese-Brazilian journalist, Fabola Ortiz, for her story on Sub-Saharan migrants who seek access to Europe.
The report, made on November 2016 in Morocco, was published by the Portuguese news agency (LUSA).

The Best photo Award went to the photographer Yannis Kolesidis of the Greek news agency Athens News Agency, for a picture taken in a refugee camp in Greece in March 2016.

Draft Bill Related to Organization of Morocco's News Agency to Give New Impetus to Agency
The draft bill n 02-15 related to the organization of Morocco's News Agency (MAP) will give a new impetus to the agency, Minister of Culture and Communication, Mohamed Laaraj, said.

Chairing the board of directors of Morocco's news agency last July, Laaraj said that the bill will enable MAP play a key role as a strategic public institution in the media field at the local, regional and international levels.

In his turn, MAP managing director Khalil Hachimi Idrissi thanked the Minister for his commitment before the parliament in favour of the adoption of the draft bill on the reorganization of the agency.

The Board of Directors was held in accordance with the provisions of the law, Laaraj told MAP at the end of the meeting, noting that the Agency's activity and financial reports of the year 2016 were adopted after a thorough discussion.

MAP Board of Directors was chaired by Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laaraj, in the presence of MAP managing director, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and members of the Board.


MAP to Assume Chairmanship of Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies

The Moroccan News Agency (MAP) was elected on July 5, 2017, to chair the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) for the period 2017-2018.
During the 26th AMAN general assembly, which was attended by 16 member news agencies out of 19, and a large number of other news agencies and professional organizations with observer status, MAP managing director, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, took over the chairmanship of the Alliance from the outgoing president, director-general of the Albanian Telegraph Agency (ATA), Gezi Podgorica.

In a speech on this occasion, Hachimi Idrissi highlighted the important participation of the member agencies in this meeting, welcoming the trust placed in him for the second time to assume such a mission, at a time when the Alliance, through its 26 years of existence, embodies the "dynamism, maturity and collective vigor" of its members.

The new Presidency will be devoted to undertaking the necessary professional actions which will attest to the unity and solidarity as well as the performance of AMAN, said the new president of the Alliance, stressing the need to make it a meeting ground for dialogue and consultation in order to defend common ideas and values in the Mediterranean.

In these times of divisions and instability, AMAN is one of the few forums in this space to defend the ideas and values of diversity, pluralism, parity and human rights, Hachimi Idrissi added.


Cooperation: MAP and EFE Brought Moroccans and Spaniards Closer
The Spanish Ambassador to Morocco, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitne, highlighted the role of the Spanish News Agency (EFE) and the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) in bringing closer the peoples of the two countries in order to ensure that this shared knowledge grows stronger.

Diez-Hochleitne was speaking recently at a photo exhibition in Rabat, initiated by EFE and recounting 60 years of lasting and long-standing friendship between Morocco and Spain.

Social : Launch of MAP Foundation Scholarship
The MAP Foundation, the executive branch of MAP's social policy, has set up a scholarship called " MAP Foundation Scholarship" for the benefit of children of the Agency's staff, which will be awarded annually.

This new initiative is part of the social strategy of the MAP Foundation, which is constantly offering its beneficiaries innovative services designed to support qualitatively the Agency's human capital and promote the values of excellence and transparency through its actions.


Press : Towards New Media Cooperation Prospects
MAP Director-General Khalil Hachimi Idrissi welcomed the signing on June 16 in Rabat of the cooperation agreement between MAP and China New Agency (Xinhua) which seeks to open new prospects in the relation between the two agencies, particularly in video, audio and multimedia areas, which are a key issue in the MAP21 strategy.

Reiterating MAP's desire to benefit from the experience of Xinhua, a leader in the video and audio field, Hachimi Idrissi emphasized MAP's aspiration to diversify its products, and offer Moroccan and world information in video, photo, multimedia and computer graphics, as part of MAP's medium-term strategic plan.


Agreement between MAP and AGV News/Il Velino
A bilateral cooperation agreement, the third in information exchange with Italian Agencies, was signed on Wednesday (May 24th) in Rabat between MAP and AGV News/Il Velino.

As part of the opening of MAP Agency to its colleagues in the Mediterranean, the cooperation agreement was signed by Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, MAP Director General and Fausto Simoni, president of the Italian Agency, on the sidelines of the reception granted by MAP Director General to his Italian counterpart.

In accordance with the provisions of this agreement, MAP and AGV News/ Il Velino exchange access to informational content and undertake to provide all possible assistance to their respective journalists.

MAP, Guelmim Oued-Noun Region Sign MoU in Rabat
The Moroccan New Agency (MAP) and the Guelmim Oued-Noun region signed, on May 11thin Rabat, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support various initiatives and promote the region's potential.

Signed by MAP Director General, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and president of the Guelmim Oued-Noun region, Abderrahim Benbouaida, this agreement commits both parties to pool their efforts in order to highlight the region's potential, mainly through a communication device using the Agency's media platforms.

Under the agreement, MAP, which has more than 300 journalists producing over 200,000 news stories a year, provides the region with a range of products and services and will ensure adequate media coverage of current events in the region.

The Guelmim Oued-Noun region is one of the most important regions of the Kingdom. It has major assets in several areas, including agriculture, industry, tourism, handicrafts and environment.

The Moroccan News Agency had inked a similar agreement with the Fez-Meknes region on the sidelines of the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, held last November in Marrakech.




Speech by Mr. George Penintaex, CNA Director  & AMAN Secretary General At the 2nd GA of FAAPA Hold in Casablanca, 7-10 December 2016

Dear President
Dear Colleagues,

Allow me first to convey greetings from all over the Mediterranean and the national news agencies comprising the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN).

MAP, our host of this gathering, is one of the founders of AMAN, back in 1991 in Tunis.

MAP plays a very important role in AMAN’s affairs, actively participating in all activities in the Mediterranean.  MAP successfully organized twice the AMAN General Assembly, in Marrakech and in Tangier.  Next June MAP will play host to the third AMAN General Assembly, this time in the seaside town of Agadir.

Download the Complete Speach





Guide for journalists and environmental institutions about the environment in the Mediterranean, published by the IUCN (Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation) and Agencia EFE, with the participation of AMAN Members.

Download the Guide









AMAN is now on Twitter

AMAN is Now On Twitter , It can be found By Searching AMAN_alliance
I would also like to ask you to enter your twitter account  and Follow us in order to receive the latest news


9 September 2016

 Directors General of AMAN Member Agencies and Observers

 Dear Colleagues, 

Following the General Assembly decisions,regarding the AMAN mobile application, I would like to inform you that the App for AMAN is now available, as I have been informed by the AMAN webmaster Mr. Roger Seeman.

For IPhone it can be found on Apple Store; under Samsung and all Smart phones that work in Android System and it can be found in Google store.  In both stores the APP will be found by searching for: “AMAN or Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies”.

 I would also like to ask you to enter the FACEBOOK and make a like in order for the page to be more active and popular.  The Facebook Page for AMAN can be found by searching Facebook for Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies.


In case you need any help or clarification you may address to Mr. Semaan as follows:

Ø  Tel: 00 961 3 437 989
Ø  Email:

Best regards,

George Penintaex
Acting Director/Editor-in-Chief CNA
Secretary General AMAN



AMAN urges Serbian Government to reverse decision of TANJUG’s closure


The Mediterranean Alliance of News Agencies (AMAN) expresses its opposition to the closure of the Public Enterprise News Agency Tanjug and strongly urges the government of Serbia to reverse its decision to discontinue Tanjug’s operations.

The decision has shocked AMAN member-agencies as Tanjug had been one of the most active agencies in the Mediterranean Alliance, as well as in other news agency alliances.

AMAN expresses its solidarity with Tanjug’s Director Branka Djukic and staff, hoping that the government of Serbia will make second thoughts and find solutions aimed to keep this historic news agency alive, as an independent news provider for media at home and abroad. 


The Board of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) condemns the deadly attack at the Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo and the loss of staff members.

We join other news agencies' groups and the international media community in solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists.

We defend the right of journalists and media to work in saf
participation in the AMAN competitions for best news item and best photo for the year 2014-2015e conditions, safeguarding the freedom of the Press and the freedom of expression, based on democratic values.





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