Full CV






Date of Birth          :        15th March 1956


Nationality             :        Cypriot



Education and Qualifications


Ø  Middlesex University - BA Journalism and Public Relations.


Ø  High School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion).


Ø  University of London

General Certificate of Education

Ordinary Level, English Language.


Ø  Europa Mass Communication Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

Diploma in Mass Communication.  Courses attended:

Introduction to Mass Media; Historical; Aesthetic and Technical Aspects; Advertising and the Behaviour of the Consumer; Social Action through Mass Media; Press News - Gathering and Editing; Press Ethics; Feature Writing; Photography; Political Science; Public Relations; Economics, World Economic Geography; Modern European History; Simulations on Journalistic Topics; Graphic Arts.


Ø  Europa Mass Communication Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

Diploma in Public Relations.


Ø  The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

High Stage Certificate in Public Relations.


Ø  Yugoslav Institute of Journalism in Belgrade

Certificate on Specialisation in Journalism (agency, press, radio, tv).




Work Experience


1976 - 1984                   :        English language daily "Cyprus Mail".


1984 - 1990                   :        Full time reporter in the English section of the                                    Cyprus News Agency.


1985 - 1995                   :        Correspondent of various media (e.g. Cyprus                                      Broadcasting Corporation (radio), London Greek                                 Radio, Dutch Radio NOS, International Press                                                 Service (news agency based in Rome).


1990 - 1996                   :        Editor, Cyprus News Agency.


1996 - 2003                   :        Chief Editor, Cyprus News Agency.


2004 - today                  :        Editor-in-Chief, Cyprus News Agency


2005 – today                  :         Acting Director, Cyprus News Agency




Skills and Interests


1984 - 1990                   :        Covered many regional and international                                            conferences and other events abroad for the                                               Cyprus News Agency (e.g. United Nations,                                           European Union, Council of Europe, British                                                Commonwealth).


1991 - 1996                   :        President of the Union of Employees at the                                         Cyprus News Agency.


1994 - Today                  :        Represented CNA in various meetings abroad,                                     including:


v  General Assemblies, Follow-Up Committee Meetings and Workshops of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN).


v  Acted as President of AMAN (1998-1999), Vice President and  Secretary General since 2000.


v  General Assemblies and Workshops of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA). Member of the Board from 2012-2015


v  General Assemblies of the Balkan and SouthEast Europe Association of news agencies  (ABNA-SEE) 


v  General Assemblies of the Black Sea Association of News Agencies (PSANNA)  


v  General Assemblies of the Asian/Oceania Alliance of News Agencies, representing AMAN.


v  World meetings of the News Agencies World Congress (NAWC)


v  Prepared and edited a book in English about the Cyprus News Agency (1997).

 Social Activities

 1979 - 1989                   :        Soccer Referee, First Division, Cyprus League.


v  Volunteer President of the Cyprus Charity for cancer-afflicted children “One Dream One Wish”.


v  General Secretary of the Karaiskakion Foundation, the Cyprus Registry of Volunteer Bone Marrow Donors.


v  Vice President of the Friends Society of the Karaiskakion Foundation.